Stars Without Number

Session 19 Log
Alien Princess Diaries

Session 19 Log

We discuss how to find the Space Princess. Liberty suggest using our ‘backdoor’ into the ‘Net to find out about her. Savanna suggests reaching out the ship AI. We go to a hotel and set up. Cruz connect to the WiFI and a message says “Stay right there”

We’re attacked by every goon on the planet. Crystal teleports to a roof across the way. She throws a rope and we escape to the roof. We run and Savanna falls behind. Liberty runs back and sprays fire until they both  get back to the group. The team is now away from the mob. We consider our next move.

We have the Space Princess’ address. She lives on a plateau a mile and half out of the city. We head out there and spy out on it. We see several vehicles  arrive at an office. They have livery on them with a name: Arrafoot. We look them up. Off-world telecom company. It is owned by an alien race: Terrafonts. Rich, hermaphoditic. 

We discuss options; scotching her comms and storming the castle. Find their local assets and raze them to the ground. We spot a Peer catering truck and decide to hack their system to get their schedule. We succeed. 

While we’re doing that, a convoy leaves and we follow it. They go to the nicer part of town and disgorge a Terrafont and guards into a luxury apartment building. While we discuss our options, a woman comes up and comments on our interest in the Space Princess and offers a mutual beneficial opportunity. 

We drive to a warehouse following a nondescript van. We’ll go into the warehouse. She introduces herself as Corria. The SP’s company drove her guild of communicators out of business. They’ve already infiltrated the company. It’s a quantum entanglement comm system. If we bust the local node it will shut down the whole network. They can provide badges to get us inside. 

We make a plan; hijack a catering truck, reading their minds with Yogi and getting their process for entering. LIberty gives them 500 to walk slowly back to town. We arrive at the company and get inside. Yogi shoots the guard and we get into the security system and lock it down. We get a map to the place and find where the node and dedicated systems are. Maxwell goes downstairs and runs into some guards. He shoves one into the other and they both die, surprisingly. 

He lays the charges but doesn’t arm them. The rest go to the SP’s office. She’s there. Hackies, a silicon race that feeds on electricity and can manipulate AIs. The ship escaped when they tried to seize it. She offers to give us her yacht and we escort her to it. 

We also have Maxwell hide the bomb with the intention of informing the Guild later. We drive to the airport where we’re met by a robot. We escort SP to the ship where she instructs her pilot to take us up. When in orbit, SP sends us the coordinates, one drill jump away. We head out and jump into the next system. 

Blue supergiant. We match orbit with a planet a few AU’s away from the sun. We enter atmosphere and see a dozen ships. We figure out which ship is ours. We disconnect our outer comms to protect against Hackie interference. 

We land close to the Horchuk ship. Disembarking we see 12 armatures following us. We hack the entrance and go inside. We find 4 armatures, the Hackie and it says “ship mine”. We disagree and fight. Destroying 2 armatures and destroying the Hackie, the rest of the ships turn towards us. We flee. 

In space, we meet up and hand over the Hackie (dead but in the box) and we head out.

1200Xp (21266 total)

Session 18 Log
Alien Safari

Crystal suggests awakening person in the cryo tube. Crystal succeeds and the man wakes up. He says that this is not the station. We explain where he is. He was supposed to be shipped to the space station. His partner was supposed to wake him up. We determine that he’s been in there for about 10 years. 

His name is Zed Strousberg. He was going to head out of the system since it’s an “armpit.” We inquire about the headhunters. He doesn’t know since most people are here to make a fast buck. There are a lot of compounds on the planet generated by the creatures on the planet. Moon Devils come down from the moons and eat people. 

There are ruins that are protected by the Hive Bugs who live in the shadows. Jackalopes and Giant Orcers are on the planet. We take him to the nearest mining asteroid. We explain but are asked to the head administration. Yogi and Liberty will go; the others stay on the ship. Ms. Armed Holst is the administrator. She wonders if we’re spies. There’s been trouble with miners; drugs and things. 

She inquires about employment. We decline. The asteroid holds psychic crystals that enhance psi abilities but brings out the worst in people. The door opens and an attractive woman in Security DeWinters, comes in wanting to check us out. She clears us and we leave. 

We head to Maldoran and are contacted by flight control. We land in a domed city and land in the space port. It’s similar to Gateway. There are drug deals happening right on the pads. 

The closest part of the city is Tourist Town, a place designed to suck money out of visitors. Liberty checks for a library or a archeological society. We get an address. Everybody but Sandy goes. We drive to a theme park with a historical angle. We go in. There’s not a lot of actual tourists here; they’re outnumbered by the workers. 

Captain Kline is mentioned as the 1st person who landed here and in his bio it mentions the headhunters. The person expounding on the inaccuracies is the Dean of the University. We inquire about the alien race that was here; he says it was very advanced. But they suffered a calamity about 6 million years ago. The species was called the Prime/Alfundies and were destroyed by an Enemy. Afterwards the Hive bugs took over the ruins. 

We ask after a ruin and he mentions safaris. He suggests going back to Tourist town. Professor Clyde. The regular safari routes don’t go to the ruins so we look into a more “grey” area for a guide. He agrees to takes for 100 credits a person. Crystal gets data for the local fauna. The guide’s name is Al (no last names!)  We meet at the edge of the city where he has six mounts. 

First day is mostly plain with some creatures that he advises us not to attack. They have psychic powers. We come to some mountains. We start up a trail. The mountains seem to have a gelatinous quality. We see carrion eating the bodies of those not on the safe path. 

Past the mountains is a jungle. He leads us on a trail, demonstrating great skill as a guide. We come upon a person in a ‘safety globe,’ a pod from a aerial vehicle. It’s off the beaten path so we opt to leave it alone. 

We come upon a small ruin. Al says it’s been mostly cleared out of Hive Bugs. Savanna asks after the psychic crystals on the planet. Al says that a lot of creatures have psi, including small creatures that people consume to enhance their abilities. Rumors of the Secret Masters, a group of psychics who control everything. 

We go inside. The top level is mostly decimated. Towards the center there’s a series a building that resembles a cavern. We see bodies strewn about.  There’s more inside. Inside there are an array of glowing spots. We realize we’re looking at a dragon with multiple and multiple limbs. 

We fight and kill it. It has a mound of stuff. The dragon appears to be a vegetarian, feeding of the lichen of the room. We find 10 tech 4 spare parts, an expert system, a mag pistol. 

We boot the system and it has a vocal system. It give a location for a least damaged ruin with a possible database. We inquire about a safer one and it give us that. Al will take us there for additional money,.

The group goes through brush land. Al makes sure we have filters so we don’t get poisoned by spores or haze. We spend the night uneventfully. The next day leads through rocky mountainous terrain. We enter plains and realize that a camouflage creature is tracking us. 

Liberty tries to shoot it and it attacks. It wounds Crystal and we put it down. It’s skin has unusual properties and it has a sonic organic system that stuns prey. 

The ruins come into sight along with a group of herbivore creatures covered in bubbles that light on fire. We go around and travel for a day. We do see a predator who kidnaps savanna and we track it to its lair and kill it. We see more advanced creatures in the cave who appeared to be ready to cook Savanna. We’re now tied up. Crystal teleports out of the ropes and throws a grenade at them, driving them off. 

We track our missing mounts and head to the ruins. We arrive after a day. Much of the city is flattened but in the back are more complete buildings. We get attacked by the bugs and flee into a hole in the ruins. The tunnel is coated in a odd resin. We come out into a chamber. We see ourselves in our most shameful moments. Jade and Yogi are frozen in shame. We break their images and flee. We come to a holochamber with a 17-foot tall suit in the center. We close the door on the bugs. The armor is ancient and empty. Jade approaches and the eyes light up. We have our expert system talk to it and it reveals that this is the Archivist’s suit which has tones of information. 

We ask about the headhunter homeworld and it tells us that it’s called Zyvoth. We aske for coordinates. It gives us them. It tells us it can teleport us out and we contact Al to tell him to go home. And we are sent to the city. Making it back to the star port, we find our ship is gone. We go to the security office and learn the ship went out of system and the tape of the theft is blank. 

We use our expert system to get into the planetary system and Jade and Savanna look for the camera hacker’s location. Savanna gets an address on the device and determines it was 3 days ago. We break in and interrogate the hacker. She says she’s working for the Space Princess. Who’s an alien but is living local. 

We end here. 1400 XP

Session 17 Log

We emerge from the gate. It doesn’t look the system to come out in. We’re heading for a black hole and the computer refuses and says he wants to kill us all. He believes we are agents of the Enemy. Yogi tries to talk him out of it. He says we’re covered in nanites. We explain that we blow up the drones and the residue is from that fight. It thinks about it and starts to slow down. 

He warns us to close our eyes and we are bathed in radiation. Covered in dust, we’re cleansed of the nanites. Since we’re not the enemy, it demands that we aid in destroying the enemy. We ask for perameters. 

It explains: The AI was developed by an ancient race that eventually disappeared in a digital bliss. It began to look for a new master. Blah blah. We need to got to a planet (which held off the Enemy) that has the location of the enemy homeworld and get the info. The beings were called the Prime. 

The place is hostile is AIs so he’ll take us there and then we’ll do our thing. A wormhole forms in front of the ship and we jump in. We emerge at Maladoran, it’s a yellow giant and we are surrounded by moonlets. They are actually in the atmosphere of a larger planet which is naturally impossible.

We are on a collision course with a freighter. Jade pulls us out and we are saved. We are hailed.  It’s a crude AI. It says we’re horrible drivers and Jade says we can’t be that bad since we missed. We try to figure out where we are. Savanna determines that we’re on the Edge of Mandate Space. 

The farthest moon has a carrier signal that’s open. We speculate that the Scream originated from here. We look for a place to get supplies. We speak to another freighter with a guy named Jet playing a violin. He says to land at the spaceport. When we show money he says he can help. We dock. He has a robot called Manchester. There’s a woman who pops her head out. The ship is called the Margaret. We discuss prices and Yogi detects a powerful Psychic force against him. This explains the beautiful woman. 

We purchase 40 days of food for 1800 credits. The man asks why we’re here and we demur. He mentions defeating a warlord last time he was here. He held the planet ransom from the moon we’re heading for. We disembark with our stuff. 

We arrive at the planet. Examining the signal, we see the last moments of the base where a bunch of robots were chopping up humans. We build an EMP. We pick the lock on the airlock and go into the hangar. There are a few shuttles around that are a few years old. 

We check the shuttles. One is open and has a heat signature in it. It’s a trap with a robot using a flare as bait. We kill it. Now we examine the bot. It’s not an AI but very sophisticated. It contains a container of fluid that is the end product of the conversion of organic matter. Savanna realizes that the process removes the aging process from cells. The sensors on the bots was using comms to detect. 

We search the shuttle bay and find a camera. Jade taps into it. We’re being observed by multiple groups of bots. We spoof the camera and set up a heat and explosive trap with the shuttle. 

We exit the shuttle bay. There is a T intersection. We blind a camera in the intersection and go down the center corridor. Max and Savanna fall down a chute into a storage room. Two bots attack. Jade opens the trapdoor and Liberty jumps down. We beat them and Savanna is wounded though healed by Crystal. We pull out the telescoping pole and proceed. We come to a closed door. It opens to a cargo room, filled with crates. We open a crate with medical supplies, then ten lasers and 10 a batteries. The next one has artwork and a manifest. It mentions the warlord Lo Ping. We also find a cryo unit with a person inside. One of the artwork is a portrait of the warlord with a notation “congrats on the 210th.” The frozen person is a middle-aged man. Maxwell takes a Japanese fan. We all carry a med kit. 

There is one exit. A 40 meter hall comes to a door. We pop it open and come to the control room. In the center, is a throne. Jade checks it out and accidentally presses a button. A hologram of Lo Ping cackles and summons his kilobots. We fight them and Savanna shuts down the remaining bots. Crystal heals the wounded. We break the bots. 

The control room contains an targeting computer tied to a rail gun. There’s a personal log of the warlord. We download it and fight off a computer virus. We search for “Prime” and find info on ruins and several orbiting artifacts. He mentions that creatures on the planet had been engineered by the Prime. 

A timer starts and we run out, grabbing the cryo unit on the way. The base blows up and we barely escape. We decide to head for the closest artifact. It is an asteroid with a couple of crashed ships. One of them has an energy reading, the others are cold. They all appear to be shot down or towed to the asteroid. We tried to land but we crash. The AI says that it’ll take six repair cycles to repair (6 days).  

Savanna stays and the rest of the team checks out the ship with the energy source. We open the portal. There are power-suckers all over the place. We shut down the overloading reactor and the power suckers. We kill the big one and check the next ship. It’s a freighter. It’s also cleaned out, but we find a tunnel at the base of the ship which leads into the asteroid. 

The tunnel changes into into a crystalline structure. Sixty meters down it opens into a chamber. There are twelve robots against the walls. They look at us to see if we’re going to enter. We leave and check the other wrecks. The next one is mangled and corroded metal. We fight the creatures that inhabit it. The creatures are plant-like. They appear to feed off of the metal and oxidize. 

We move to the next ship, also very corroded. There is a beacon and a large creature. There are human shaped things in its belly. Struggling. Yogi communicates with it. It is looking for “Food Crystals” which appear to be psionic in nature. We agree to give it crystals in exchange for passage into the asteroid, if we find them.

The next ship is similar except with more energy leechs. We fight them off and find crystals, eight of them. We store two near the ship in a faraday cage and then look for the monster. We give the crystals and he teleports us into the asteroids. There is a large chair with an armored alien in it. We go through a sequence of highly sucessful events and we realized we’re in a fantasy. We find ourselves at a party where there is a door that no one is going through. We ask about it and a partygoer says that it is miserable through that door. 

Liberty and Jade walks through the door. Everybody else follows through and we end up on the asteroid six days later. We recover the two crystals and take off looking to take it out but the creature is gone. 

18,666 Xp after today.

Session 16 Log

Exp is 1450 from last session. Total 15666

The party decides to set up an illusion that will make the other people think the place is destroyed. After we set that up we hear a series of explosions and Raquel's party comes into the area. We banter over our deal. We come to an impasse, and they leave in an Explorer. 

We see a Zek ship landing and decide to leave. We find our mounts by a creek. We travel back to the city. We're challenged and when we try to leave we're taken to the court. We give the data to Neo-Crystal (a clone of our psychic-healer) who has taken over the city. We check the ship and take off.

We enter Polychrome system and see an alien frog body floating in space. Shortly after, Raquel's ship drills and and preps to jump again. Savanna goes out and picks up the body.  We detect a ion trail about a week old. We bio-scan it. It died from being spaced. It is a Thunk, a space-thug race. 

We land on Polychrome. We give Caper the coordinates and he determines it's across the Galaxy. He figures there's a alien jump gate in the next sector. We decide to get  a scoop at Octlan. We drill to Sepulchre and encounter a convoy of freighters and military ships. We join them and drill to Gateway.

We emerge and are approached by a huge butterfly ship who disables the military craft that intercepted us. It is a Starflyer, a space creature. We bravely run away.  We dock with the station and contact Ali who is still OK. We fail to reach Rose or Michael. 

We encounter a group of ships going to Hutton on pilgrimage. They are religious people who praise the Knifes of the Surgeons. We encounter a small yacht and we let them know about the revolution. We drill to Gansu, refuel without incident and we drill to Vyborg and encounter a large freighter heading in our direction. It's flashing lights that are Morse code for SOS. It is not under power and heading for an asteroid field. 

The signal claims that Djinn have taken over the ship. We decide to investigate. We link up and go inside. We search and get attacked by two bots. We interrogate the engineer who says they found something in the ice and the captain went crazy. We send the crewman back to Savanna's Reward. Savanna spots someone hiding in the Jeffries tubes. Yogi and her leave while Liberty hides to lure her out.   She follows them and Liberty sneaks behind her. 

She reveals that the object in the ice was a coffin. Two humans jumped out and started killing everyone with swords. We send her to our ship and head to Engineering. Once there, we call out to Ahmed. He says he can't let the ship get to civilization. We notice that a third person gets on the ship.

The Djinn enters our ship and we engage her. Normal damage doesn't work. Yogi's blade works but he goes down. We end up spacing her and killing her two servants by the skin of our teeth. 

We proceed on and get to Octlan. A ship heaves to and people claiming to be the Navy confiscates the food.  We head to the station. We find out that those were deserters.  We install the Fuel Scoop for 50K. We fill out the paperwork for the stolen food. We head out to Coatlan. We detect a freighter wreck. There's life forms on the ship despite no power. We assume they are the cause of the wreck and leave it alone

We enter Coatlan. Nothing happens and we go to Yanez. We encounter a burnt out military vessel that is irradiated. After a day of travel, we encounter a beacon. As we move out of the system. We are surprised by a Drill Fighter. We escape after damaging the ship. 

We enter Samhem. We find a  lone drill fighter in space, drifting. We scan it and take the drive and fractal cannon (no ammo). We enter Svala. We're also boarded by a military craft. They tell us that InGraid (our destination) is run by Nevarians (water people) who are hostile. 

We drill to Bolea. We find a  SOS from a cattle farmer. The woman has a melted drive and we have a spare small drive. We repair it and go our separate ways. We encounter a Texas Ranger ship fighting a pirate. We aid them and destroy the pirate. 

We drill Ingraid. A cruiser ship approaches. They are religious fanatics who give us a pamphlet and leave. We start scanning and a huge carrier appears. They ask us to prepare to be boarded. We're taken to the captain who suggests we are pirates by our ship. We deny it and they say it's too bad cuz they would have us join them. We agree to join them since we don't have any choice. They will take 10 percent of our 'booty' and we have a month to give our first payment. They offer us rum. Yogi demurs the rest drink. We are now Members of the Brotherhood of the Void. 

We leave and find a planet. There is a large structure on a continent filled with sandstorms. It resembles a clock or wheel. There is a landing strip covered in sand. We land there. In the sand is a wreck of a ship or dirigible. Upon inspection, we see another ship. It is new and not buried. We open hailing frequencies. There's woman with a orange Mohawk. She says her name is Selo. She's an archeologist who's been there for two days. Her partner is missing after a big sandstorm. 

We agree to help her find her partner in exchange for potential info. We go into a structure. We head through. Hallways to a central section with tech They figure out that the computer system has been infected with a virus. Liberty tracks the other man to a space where his tracks end and his shovel is there. He half uncovered a 3 by 3 foot cube. It appears to be a kind of drone. 

Jade attempts to clear the computer and gets it moving. Different star systems appear on the screen. It appears to be in real time. She determines which system we're looking for.  It has a white dwarf. Savanna runs diagnostics. After checking, it asks for a password. We hack it and it calms down. The platform opens to a world where we see the other person. Then it closes. We reopen it and the man comes running through being chased by a T-Rex. We open it to the proper coordinates.  It opens to space. We adjust the coordinates and it opens to a planet  where there's bare vegetation and a bunch of skulls. THe computer acts funky and the gate closes. The computer is running cellular pattern that is burning the computer's bandwidth. 

We hear a humming noise. Ten of the cubes are heading towards us. They also shudder.  And crash. Savanna shuts it off. Rebooting, it does the same thing. We shut it again and the techs try to figure out the pattern. 

We check out the alien ship to see if there is any computer salvageable. We boot up the drive. A Horchuk hologram appears and speaks in their language. We find a uni-tranaslator. It thinks we're misshapen Horchuks. It has a key to the larger jump gate. The other system is for personal transport. The ship computer was in process of being shut down during an attack. We adjust the calculations to an orbital location. We jump through.

Session 15 Log
Save the Ogre Princess and Save the World

Guttman, Liberty and Yogi go to a bar. The rich guy who was on the cruise liner is there and mentions that the Countess is pregnant. The cyborg woman realizes that the Link is down and we explain about the Scream. The guy's dad is running out of Juggernaut Stims for fighting. 

There's a set of pit fighters called the Icemen. They're winning enough that he thinks they have a formula that he could use to replace it. Liberty and Yogi will go undercover as a fighter and trainer. Savanna will go as a tech or observer to hack a database if there is one.

We're accosted by a bunch of guards.  But we. Have the right IDs. We approach the Warren and see a Corp type with guards trying to get through. One of his group is dragged off. We talk to the guards and get the skinny on the Icemen. They fight in the main arena on level 15. 

We trail him to the lift where the wall says A113. We follow and he goes to level A8. A riot starts but he walks right through them. Guards appear and the crowd is unable to harm them. We follow them to a bar. After inquiries, we're led to a pit in the back. 

A guy approaches Savanna.  And mentions the Icemen and their trainer, Mr. Chance. A martial artist whose traveled the Galaxy. Liberty gets annihilated in a fight and heads back to the ship. Yogi talks to the woman running the ring. She mentioned that the creature he fought was a Brute, which started showing up after the Iceman started winning. 

She mentions that some of the Icemen hang out on Level 22 a place called Stogiei's. They take the Cyborg to be the new fighter. Yogi tries to read one of their minds, trying to get Savanna to flirt with them. She demurs. Yogi gets an image of a small man who is defeating all of them. He notes that some of them have been disappearing lately. We suspect that they are now the Brutes. Yogi notes that the Brute resembles one of the missing fighters. 

The clone accidentally hurts one of the Icemen and the others look like they're going to fight her. Yogi ends up making them angrier. He uses his power to have something drop on them and they flee. They take Crystal to the original bar and scan for DNA. She hits paydirt and head back to the checkpoint. Yogi's ID is missing but he talks around it. 

We determine that the DNA was exposed to a powerful mutagen. We reverse engineer the DNA and try to hack the local PD to see if there's a record. We get an ID. Yogi and Crystal go back to the bar and find two of the Icemen. They don't seem to care that the formula transforms them. It makes them 'live the life.'  Sandy suggests trying to get them to share the formula. It doesn't go well. Yogi makes an attempt to read their mind about Mr. Chance. He learns where they train. 

We set up and try to hack their computer.  The info isn't there. We learn that they're defending their championship. We resolve to sneak in and try and grab a sample of the Tea… They run into Mr. Chance.  They show the evidence that it's hurting the fighters and he agrees to give them a sample. Chance reveals that he's an alien about 650 years old. We turn over the formula and get our 25k.  The ship fund gets 3572. 

Two Gateway soldiers approach the ship to collect the clone. They express shock that we let it run around. We turn it over. Then we leave for the unknown world. We detect a life pod near an asteroid belt. It's from the Mirabelle, a deep space far trader. We pull it in and are. Attacked by a space. Savage. Savanna shoots her and kills her. We get her ID. Her ship was destroyed trying to approach the  planet. 

We are shot at by super cannons that appear to use gunpowder and send projectiles into space at escape velocity. We land and are attacked by more savages and we are approached by another group of people. They lead us back to their camp and we see a ship with the initials RF. The people who are here all resemble the cyborg for perfection. We see that Raquel is here with Captain Atom. The planet is a neutral planet between the humans and ZekDak (aliens who destroyed Polychrome). It was a slave camp from the war. The humans rebelled 250 years ago. Their 'knower of all things'   Tells us that the library is past a city called Tulan guarded by ghost warriors and demons. 

Armed with the coordinates, we race to the city against Raquelle. We're attacked by large dragonflys which slow us down and they get there first. But Crystal teleports ahead of them. She talks briefly and then Raquelle appears with trade goods. We tell them we're looking for the library. They call it the valley of ghosts. Our ships can't go there. 

 We negotiate passage with the super-soldier serum. They agree. Crystal offers her DNA sample as well. They offer mounts which they say will get us there better than the other team's vehicle. We tear off towards the library. 

We go a day and make camp. We find two human mounds which we avoid. We're ambushed by bugs but drive them off. We arrive at the library before the other team. We're attacked by holo-Horchuks and Jade notices where the emitters are and we start shooting at them. We move past them into a pine forest of odd colors. We see a compad device and hear marching and a scream. 

We approach it and see an image of an evil Horchuk with a princess repeating a speech over and over again. The holo-compad is also an image. Yogi uses his Meta Linguistics to understand it. It calls us commander ??? and says to save the princess we must pass the Sheldak and the trials. We see a cave entrance and we're attacked by the Sheldak. We kill it and enter the cave to find a chained female Horchuk. She says to save here you must get the fire stone you must defeat the trials, fire and two ogres. 

Crystal teleports over the chasm of fire and a bridge opens up. We see a mound with holes. Scan makes a device to retrieve the gem. The ogres appear and attack. While we shoot out one holo-emitter, it only reveals that the ogres are giant robots. We defeat them. And the system starts to smoke and gurgle. Savanna shuts it down and we start to investigate the library.

Session 14 Log

We head back to Chifeng. The cops ask after the missing crewmen. We explain but they hold the ship. We sell the stuff. The investigating crew is attacked by "flying buzz saws".  They start evacuating the station. The big ship (name?) is now outside the station. The power goes dead. We run to our ship.

We hear a grinding noise. Something is cutting into the engine room. Evan shoots it and it goes quiet. Then it starts somewhere else. ARch electicifies the hull which drives them away. Suddenly the controls do dead. Arch  determines that our system has been hacked. Yogi reaches out with his mind and goes into coma.

Yogi hears.  "Do you wish to connect to the Net?" They kibbutz and Yogi decides not to. He relents after he realizes he can't leave the construct. They tell   That the drone are Collectors taking things for the Net and archive minds. They haven't been collecting new stimuli for a millions years because of a nasty virus that was suddenly eliminated. Yogi tries to get them to go about it another way. It doesn't go well. 

The system administrator says he is about 8 million years old. He works for the "Masters" who appear to be complicated computer programs. YOgi convinces them to send a message into the "real world" to Liberty who puts it on speaker. ARchie wants a spec for the archive.

We remember that the explosives on the ship. It goes off like the Death Star. The drones stop functioning. Chifeng tells us.  To go. We split the money and. Get 57142 each plus the ship share. Chifeng kicks us out. We head out

ARch checks out the drone. It seems to be super hard, fluid and powers by a black light. We enter. Vyborg and repair the ship (8k). We head to Hutton then Gynsu. We come to Gateway. WE narrowly dodge a yacht. We hail them and a woman apologizes. Shortly thereafter, a cop ship comes barreling past. We ignore it. LIberty takes a picture and we learn she's a famous hijacker. 

We land on Gateway. MIchael approaches us. He thanks us for saving Rose. The election is coming up and the Royal party is running against the Democratic Union party. He was taking out freelencer assassins. There's one left. The one who trained him. He's looking for. Assistance. We check in with Guttman.  We offer to sell him drones and he says to throw them into Sun. We comply. We scan the ship to make sure no tech remains. We found out our food supply is gone. We follow a slime trail to 10 snails. We defeat them. They are called Arrow snails, with nano crystalline shells. We continue our sweep. It's clear. 

We stock up on stuff with our newfound cash. Savannah finds out that Ali has been entertaining her neighbors. We.  Learn there has been more murders on Gateway. Yogi goes back to his apartment. He's accosted by two assassins. They almost kill him when a shadow appears and kills them with Aztec daggers at the base of the neck. He's taken to the hospital. P. Healer heals him. Yogi pays Liberty to guard him.

The debates start. The Count vs. Justin Rousseau, accusing him of being with the Ghouls. He has papers and proof. At the end of the debate, the COunt is shot. Riots break out. Two rich people approach the ship and offer 100k (after negotiations) to live off planet. Crystal hears gunfire near her apartment. A couple of rough guys approach get her apartment and she barricades herself in. She teleports herself to a far roof. She continues  to safety. 

LIberty talks people from dragging Yogi, whose in a private room, by convincing them he has an alien virus. Another family comes to the ship for 25k. 

Liberty goes looking for food. He sees a group shooting into an apartment building. He goes the other way. He loots some rations and heads back to the hospital. We encounter a mob looking for people. Yogi antagonizes them and we flee. We move through the city and get out. We get to Guttmans and find.  Bodies and crater marks. He turns off the smart mines and hold off mobs all night. We then flee to his remote cabin in a grav car. 

The others fight off the hijacker lady and turn her into the police. They drill back to Gateway and hole up with Yogi and Liberty. We leave the system when Caper mentions a possible source of info past Polychrome. We move through the sector and come to PC. We find a crate amongst a shattered fleet of ships and pull it in. It is a Mandate storage box. we Determine that it requires a passcode. 

we pop the box and find a woman in suspension. We revive her.   She demonstrates super strength. She asks for orders and max sends her to the showers.

The Vault and the trap.

D'fhoghlaim Muc had toiled his entire life to create the grand vault of knowledge in the distant Ru Salaak system. The system lit by the pale light of a white dwarf was the perfect hiding place; the asteroid that they selected would be lost among the thousands of planetoids that inhabited the system, while the dwarf star would form the ultimate defense against the Head Hunters. 

D'fhoghlaim Muc’s team had seeded the star with a swarm of femtobots , machines on the scale of an atomic nucleus. These machines would begin the process of creating a massive computer etched into the degenerate matter of the star’s crust. The vast computing power of this massive CPU would be in turn to one use, the disruptions of the head hunters’ Hypercomputing AI’s.
Twuch kan Lea, Muc assistant came barging into his cabin. “My Lord, our home world has fallen. The Head hunters have broken through the defenses.” He screamed panting heavily to prevent himself from going into shock..

“At least if we are to be erased from this existent, the legacy of the Queyon will live on in this museum. Even if the Head Hunters find this world, they will just discover their own end.” Muc utter defectively, his head bowed in sorrow.

“Are you sure master?”Twuch kan Lea asked in disbelieve. For all of the years of the Queyon conflict with the head hunters, the shear computing power of the Hypercomputing system of the head hunters AI had easily over ride and hack through the computers and AIs of the Queyon.

“The Star Computer is design to create the ultimate Cellular Automaton that will duplicate itself in the memories of the Head hunters computing system. Draining away the AI processing power it will spread via the Head hunters' communication network, over whelming any security and encryption protocols. There is no way any single Head hunter could match the sheer computer power of that!” Muc roared as he pointed to the white dwarf. “And every Head Hunter infected will just add to computing power of the Cellular Automatons, as they will use the Head hunters own communication web to form a massive network.”

“But master what about other races, we will be gone, and Head hunters will be destroyed, what to stop some upstart race from plundering our legacy?” Twuch kan Lea asked…

“Do not worry my son; I have made plans to insure that the Vault is safe.” D'fhoghlaim Muc utter as he rose to stare out the portal of his cabin…

Session 13 Log

Tessa invites Yogi to dinner as her ship in port. 

A person is huddled at Savanna's door – It's the Countess' sister. She asks for sanctuary. Savanna agrees. She asks for S not to tell the crew. 

Yogi sees Maya sitting with two people. Yogi approaches and the others say he should be bowing before the Quexitcotal and Serpentine.   They foretell of a doomed future where gateway is a massive concentration camp. They indicate that Rose' death will cause this to happen. The Ghouls are also involved and have infiltrated the government. They want the people for spare parts.

The gods tell Yogi he needs to intercept an assassin. Yogi tells Liberty who's skeptical but agrees. The Baroness will send an assassin, Nikita. Liberty asks Tessa for a screen cap of the woman with the Baroness on the ship.

Yogi goes and finds Rose to warn her at a party. He lets her know about the potential plot. We learn that she's holding info on the Ghoul infiltration in the hopes of removing the compromised politicians and bueraucrats through electoral 

campaigning. Yogi counters with Soul Cycle philosophy and it doesn't end well.

Yogi asks Guttman to secure rose and G is hesitant. 

Countess' sister (Ali) makes a delicious breakfast for Savanna. The buzzer rings. S gets her pistol. She calls Liberty who heads over. The people ID themselves as part of the Collection company and they're looking for Ali. Savanna tries to blow them off but they are insistent. Liberty tells them to go and they do. Yogi gets the license plate on their ground car. 

Ali explains that she fled her sister and took an amulet from the Countess. It's ancient and linked to the Querom (the vault). LIberty suggests selling to Guttman, Ali borrows a compad to contact some of her father's associates and start a bidding war. Liberty attempts to alert the police. We learn the serial killer is now on Gateway.

LIberty sets up an ambush. Gang attacks and we fight them off. The decoy has her throat slashed but Liberyt saves her. We leak that she's hurt but at a private hospital. Rose' security holds them off as we catch Nikita by sheer luck and shoot her up. She does a Predator and we jump behind the bed. The threat is over. 

Afterwards, Ali gives Savanna a gift: Eel skin capacitor mesh. Ali sold the necklace to a female archeologist, Karen Dorset. Liberty informs Guttman. He's mad.

The. Dowager approaches Yogi in his hospital room. She's very upset at the loss of Nikita. 

Guttman asks us to negotiate with Dorset. We go to the university. She's having a bday party. We do there and find the Bonzi the Horchuk clown has stolen a bunch of artifacts. We track down his agent and get his address. He's dead. We check his. Compad and find he called his dealer.  We call Dorset and she confirms the guy looks like a Horchuk but has high voice for one.  She was contacted by Mrs. Raquel. We suspect she stole the amulet. 

Yogi talks to Guttman to suggest a truce. He demurs. Yogi talks to Raquel who reveals that she doesn't have the amulet. She says if we can see the amulet she'll consider joining forces. 

We investigate other buyers. We build a scanner but the other ones don't have it. Guttman needs us to return to Vargo to retrieve a audio recording from the holo-room in the ruins there. We go to Chifeng and pick up the ship. We hire some crew who mentions that a hairy woman with a veil tried hiring a bunch of people, going towards the same place we are. 

Travel to bird planet, are intercepted by ship, fight it off. Drill to system find battle going on. We sneak past battle line, other ship gives up chase. Near ruins we see three drop ships of Klingons fighting the bird men. Ship takes 13 points of damage.  

We blow up one of the ships and they do some damage to us. We try to get them to leave. They are called Kulons. We blow up the other two and sprint past the final hand to hand combatants.  

We find the holo-room. A Horchuk woman and Qulons appear and say that their leader Gullinbursti wants to speak with us, guarantees safe passage. we go with them. We transmit the info to our ship. We're take down to the battleship and led to a dining room. A big Horchuk wearing the amulet thanks the woman for bringing us to him. 

He says we're chasing something important to his people. we're only alive because we're working at cross purposes with other people hoping to get the same thing. He takes the cube, though he assumes we've copied the info. He offers us a meal. We chit chat and they release us. We see that the planet has been seized by Gengis Horchuk. 

We go back to Octlan and realize we'll be broke paying for crew before we get home. We look for a gig to pay our way. A ship captain says his ship was lost in a asteroid field that has a ton of treasure in Chifeng. His name is Mal Fisher. The ship is called the Lady of Esperado. It was carrying gems, weapons and other valuable items. 

The asteroid field is called the Great Barrier. It's great for mining but Chifeng isn't up to exploitation. Our sensors trip and we see an antique cruise ship. It IDs as the Mara Iyam. We see an airlock. We. Connect with the ship. We're on the navigation deck. No power no grav, no light. We try to reestablish power. The ship is largely undamaged and we find a map from the Esperanza. We look and our ship is gone. We start trying to get this ship moving to intercept. 

The computer comes online and we pull water from the Lido deck to fuel the ship. But the computer comes under attack from a hack. It tells us that the hack is coming from medical bay. We find a woman strapped to a med bed. There's a chair near the bed. We chased the other person to the shuttle bay. Our ship is there. We see that the liner is loaded with mines and the life pods have been disabled. 

We find the. Captain on our ship. He claims that the ship is alive and needs to be fed people. The woman is his wife. He claims that he's from the time of the Scream. He fed it passengers until space travel became more common. Then he began luring people to it, like us. 

He reveals that the thing ate the two crewman. About this time, a piece of gold appears at the end of the open runway of the ship. It's clear the creature (who we may be hearing as a heartbeat in our heads) is trying to lure us. We discuss some plans but ultimately agree to grab the captain's wife before we commit to anything else. 

We head towards what we think is the medical bay but it's clear that the creature is playing with our mind. We resolve to just get out and blow the ship and head back to the Shuttle Bay. But we end up at the heart of the creature, surrounded by stasis boxes of people. in a short but brutal fight, we kill the creature. The captain ages into dust before our eyes. 

Our plan is to load up the ship to the gills with Pretech and then call the Chifeng authorities to pick up the ship. 

Session 12 Log
Murder (and Love) on the Gateway Express

The session opens with the discovery of a body whose heart was removed by a ritual knife. It is the person that Liberty slugged during the dinner in the previous session. Video reveals that a woman escorted him to his room and then disappeared. However, the woman accused had an iron-clad alibi on video. The murderer left the knife and no forensic evidence. 

A dinner is held to honor Savanna Cruz for her brave rescue of the shuttle on Vyborg. Yogi talks to a Dowager who is worried about Rose. Yogi subtly suggests "taking care of her." 

We then drill from Vyborg to Hutton, a sort of haven for mad scientist.. We take a tour of the advanced hydroponics in the spaceliner. Liberty contacts Octlan (where the victim was from) and learns that he's a local merchant with no criminal record. He dealt in Astrogation Parts. He also learns through pillow talk that the Countess' mother was killed in a ship crash during a Flower Union raid. 

Yogi starts seeing a blue man with a bow who no one else can see. The man, who claims to be Maya, the Hindu god of love, is shocked that Yogi can see him. He predicts there will be orgies but doesn't get specific.

Maxwell and Savanna set up a pressure plate security system on the Countess' room. We learn that the Countess is heavier than expected and they readjust the settings. On the Hutton leg of the trip, the Holodecks are open to all. Liberty follows the Countess (who said she was going to stay in her room during this part of the trip) and she goes up to the ship deck where smaller craft can land and take off. However, it's restricted. He sees the Majordomo bribe a deck hand and he and the Countess take off on a small launch bound for the planet. The other handmaiden says she's "gone to medical."

Savanna spend her time checking out the ship specs for further study for her home fleet. Yogi begins to detect increased psychic vibrations. Maxwell takes advantage of the Holosuites and creates an 80s Prom party. 

Felipe, of the Eagle Warrior Society, is hanging out on the lower levels with a group of rough guys, who appear to also be part of that military group. Liberty and the Countess begin having 'relations.'

As we prepare to exit the system, there's another murder. It's another Octlan citizen but the woman who lures him is Savanna! While we're able to prove that Savanna couldn't have done it, we also track the killer to a bathroom but she never comes out (or comes out in disguise). We check to see if the other person used the same bathroom but she didn't. 

We arrive at Gansu; very little happens. We continue to investigate to no avail. There is limited touring of the planet (which resembles North Korea) and we prepare to leave the system.

Suddenly we are attacked by six pirate ships. They are engaged by the escort ships that regularly accompany the liner. Felipe and his crew attack the engine room – with Svanna in it –  and knock out the gravity. Liberty stays with  the Countess while Maxwell and Yogi head towards fight. Yogi runs into an agent and gets knifed (but is mostly OK). Someone takes control of the ship (away from the bridge) and turns it towards the sun. It's clear that this is an assassination attempt against the Countess to kill her in the same manner of her mother.  Addtionally, someone disengages the lifeboats. We start taking out Felipe's team. 

Where Savanna is, the consoles start blowing up.We find a basic plan on the arm of one of the bad guys and follow it. We chase them to the Countess' room where she's been snatched. We intercept them in the Ship Bay and defeat the bad guys. On the way we find a guy rummaging staterooms and we take a picture to turn him in. 

Things return to normal as we prepare to jump to Gateway and get the Countess to Guttman. And then there is another murder. With no new clues, we're stumped and leave it to the ship's security. 

We arrive on Gateway where Guttman's car is waiting with his Assistant, Tesha; she explains that he's had an accident (though apparently Michael saved him) and will meet us at his office tomorrow. Tesha takes us to a hotel/safe house. We agree to meet there tomorrow at noon. Being paranoid we show up at ten only to find a thief in a rocket pack trying to steal the info the Countess was bringing to Guttman. She gets away but it's revealed that the Countess had hidden and switched the info. The Countess hands over the info and inquires with Liberty where their relationship is going. He says that he can't settle down till he clears his name on Octlan. She indicates the he is her first, for although she was married, it was one of convenience that would have led to her sacrifice back home. 

Guttman gives us 1000cr each for our trouble. 

Session 11 Log
The Merry Men of Shir-Wood

The Team prepares to leave Sirocco after finishing their project. However, as we go through flight check, the energy outputs seem to vanish. Power is being generated but it's not going anywhere. 

We go outside to investigate and discover two man-sized scorpion-like creatures tearing into the drill drive. We attempt to drive them off but they attack. We kill them but discover they have already dissolved the magnetic coils of the drive. There's only one option: finding the back end of the research ship and cannibalizing parts for our ship. Savannah calculates the trajectory of re-entry and where the other half of the ship likely has landed, about a day's march away.

Leaving the NPC crew behind, the group heads out, taking a skiff with them to transport the equipment back. After about half a day, we get caught in a sandstorm that deposits some odd gunk on the ground. Despite Liberty forgetting how to handle it (failed a Survival Roll), our equipment allows us to weather the storm. After it dies down, a mass of worms emerge from the ground to feed on the newly deposited substance. They are harmless but the bird-like bugs that come to eat them aren't. We fight off a group of them and continue on.

Closer to our destination, we discover a large group of columns covered in a yeast like substance. Going around would take too long (We only have so much usable air left so we go through them. We discover the ship is in the middle of a field of mushrooms of varying sizes. After regretting not purchasing a telescoping pole, we head into the field where we kick up a column of spores. These are harmless if irritating to clean off our equipment. As we approach the ship, several of the larger mushrooms come alive and attack us. We defeat them.

A group of men wielding bows emerge and greet us, identifying themselves as the men of Shirwood. Their leader is Lord Shir, and they've taken up residence inside the ship. They were part of the ruling elite of a local oxygen mining colony before their 'king' was captured. They were set to pay a ransom in oxygen crystals when a villain named Guy stole it and took over.  They are willing to let us take parts from the ship if we assist them in righting this wrong.

We discuss options, including creating a primitive electrolysis system to generate oxygen out of a slurry of the yeast but dismiss it as too time intensive. We join them on a raid of the transport of the crystals. With our superior weapons, we disable the land-schooners' wheels and the Shirwood men get their crystals. Savannah spent the time working out an advanced spec on our idea. She presents it to their tech, Merlyn, who is non-plussed. 

They drive us back to our ship. We effect repairs and take off. On our way out of the system, we are interdicted by a small pirate ship. We attempt to fight it off but its powerful weapon disables our ship. They sync up and cut a hole in the hull. Pirates pour in but our heavy weapons cut them to pieces, though we take some wounds. 

The ship disengages suddenly and Savannah and Liberty are sucked out into space while our psychic holds on. The two are able to use their momentum to get to the other airlock and engage the pirate captain, Calos. A vicious hand-to-hand fight ensues but despite nearly taking our opponent out, Liberty succumbs to damage and lays dying. 

Savannah makes a surprising offer. If the Pirate Captain agrees to leave Liberty with the other ship, she'll go with him. Since the pirate is now alone, he agrees. We effect repairs and head back to Gateway, intent on rescuing Savannah ASAP.

We arrive back at Gateway and arrange to meet our client. During the meeting we are arrested on an array of charges (ED: Can you break those down again?).related to our eviction job. We explain and get bailed out by Guttman. We ask him to find our client. He tsks us and says he wouldn't deal with that kind of scum. But he agrees. 

Meanwhile, our Psychic gets a visit from her sibling, Japser, with some news. First, their father is dead, murdered by a pirate. Also the brother was now a sister, but that was a relatively minor development. She had been training for the last year to find and kill this pirate. In a bit of synchronicity, Calos is that pirate and he's here in Gateway. 

We head to the bar he's located at and Liberty sneaks up behind him. He announces that there's a 500 credit (provided by Savannah's credit stick) at the bar for anyone who doesn't interfere. When he confronts Calos, Jasper steps in doing a "Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die" bit. Liberty steps aside, as familial revenge trumps a personal grudge. Jasper kills the pirate after he tells us where Savannah is. We rescue her and seize the ship, The Dead Ringer. 

Archie proposes renaming it Savannah's Folly. I counter with Savannah's Reward; after all, she earned it the hard way. We agree that she owns 50% of the ship and the rest of the group will split the other half. 

Before we can pursue the money owed us by our Client, Guttman says he has a job for us:

The daughter of an old friend is fleeing the Burning Mirror compact. She is a widow of a Count and is presently being pursued by another noble. Our interest is that she has a trove of data on the items we need to find the Vault. She is presently on an ancient superliner headed for Gateway. He hasn't seen her in years so we get a picture off of news feeds.

The plan is to get to Chifeng, board the liner and keep an eye on her. We use our new ship to get there. We berth it, pay 2k for an paint and overhaul and to hold it till we get back. Guttman has provided us with first class tickets.  All weapons and armor are to be stowed in a security locker. 

The first evening, there is a formal dinner allowing us to show off our holographic clothes. We are seated with a Rigellian scientist and explorer. We're a table over from the Countess. We observe that there is a man eyeing her and we make note of it. 

A man starts hitting on the Countess and knocks out a person trying to intervene. Liberty knocks him out, endearing him to the Countess. This allows us to stay close and keep an eye on her. 

We learn that the man at the dinner is named Felipe and he's part of a special military unit, the Eagle Warrior Society,  specializing in abduction for sacrifice. So he's our primary suspect.

The next stop is Vyborg, a Matriarchal planet. We go down with the Countess. The trip is uneventful until our transport shuttle was sabotaged on the way back up to the space station. Savannah fixes it and we continue on our way but it adds a wrinkle; we assumed that the Countess was at risk for capture. Who gains if she dies?


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