Stars Without Number

Session 3 Log
Mission of mercy

Log 3

The team lands on the planet in an reentry capsule provided by the ambassador, not suspecting that it is a trap. They are greeted by a single human who instruct them to hurry if they wish to live. They are lead through a series of narrow alleys till they reach the border of Human town where they are lead in to sleazy bar.

Inside they meet the Human's master, a Jholong flanked by two Qotah body guards ( Qotah race had fought a long and bloody war with mankind before the scream), named Kaaiiriiefiikee, but you can call him Sam, that speaks human with a New Texas accent. He informs the team that they were set up and that he will help them, that all he needs is a small favor done in exchange, a delivery of a rare Piano to the Pleasure moon Elysium, the Svala system to the Maestro in exchange of a rare Holy relic stolen by the human settlers before the scream.

The party agrees and is led back to the landing field and escorted to a private yacht own by a team of Xeno archaeologist, the pilot has been bride to take them back to the space station and has the Piano on board for them to ferry Elysium.

The transfer of the piano goes without a hitch and they are supplied with a drill map to the Svala system. They first jump into the Sameh system, where a war was fought between several neighboring system was fought, as a result a massive radiation accident occurred that had weaken the immunity system of the inhabitants of the system main planet Gudrid.

They receive an SOS from the Gudrid station requesting assistant as a Passenger liner has had an outbreak and a medical team is looking for passage to the Liner but are none of the system ships are willing to help due to the threat of infection. The team volunteer, and dock with the station letting on the Medical Team from Svala.

They board the Liner also from the Svala System and are amazed as the Svala apparently are a tech 5 civilization and is highly advance. The medical team go to work on a sick passenger while the party is lead on a tour of the engine room. Their they learn that the Ship is power by a Quark Nugget, which is extreme dense form of matter, denser than Neutronium, that produce antimatter to fuel the engine.

During the tour they start to notice something strange about the crew, that one of the crew member giving the tour is arm, while the other that have giving the tour is not. When ask the arm crew member remark that when the illness hit the ship some of the passengers started to panic and crew had to use force to restrain them.

Liberty come to the conclusion that the ship is hijacked with hijacker being arm and holding the crew and passengers as hostage. The party leaves and later reboard the ship thru the airlock on the liners shuttle and battle to take back the ship. The surviving hi jackers lock themselves in the cockpit and attempts to crash the liner into the planet. The team manages to override the terrorist controls and kills the remaining hi jacker.

The Leader of the medical team thanks the party and seeing that their ship is damage, tell them that her family owns the space docks at Elysium and will have their ship repair for free, she also slip Liberty her Compad number..

Session 2 Log
12 easy parsecs – Or as Alex calls it, “Who was Killed ?


Savanna was attempting to contact the members of the team that had gone with the Ydris over the comm but was met with hi pitch static, suddenly the air lock open open alarm flashed on the control console. Drawing her laser she walked back to the cargo bay to check out what was happening. When she get there she see's three odd figures, that appear to be a mixture of flesh and robotic. Chicken like the trio look Savanna over before breaking out to a scream that matched the sound of the static on the radio.They hack at Savanna with diamond coated hand axes and severely wounded her. Savanna manages to make it to cargo bay door and seal the creatures in the bay. Savanna makes it the cockpit and lift the Star bolt into orbit and venting the creatures into space.


The rest of team that were with the Ydris heads back to the ship, not knowing that it is in orbit, they come across the scene of apparent mercy squad sent to investigate the report of a ship landing on the planet. The Mercs appeared to be beaten to death, and there are indications they were raped ( yes even the men) and were gnawed on, with bite size chunk removed from their bodies. The Merc weapons are missing, taken by their attackers, and there is indication that at least one of the merc was dragged off by their attackers.


The party continues on to the landing site of the star bolt and finds that it is gone. They decide to track the attackers of the mercs, which leads to an old Mandate's bunker. The enter the bunker and run into three creatures, the same kind that had attacked Savanna on the ship. The creatures are armed with single shot bolt rifles, apparently taken from the merc and one manage to shoot Jade, rendering her unconscious. Yogi slaps a Lazarus patch, while Maxwell unloaded on the creatures with his distortion cannon . The fight goes hand to hand and Yogi and Maxwell managing to slay the creatures, finishing in time to receive a hail from Savanna on-board theStar Bolt.


Savanna lands the ship at the entrance of the bunker the team rushes jade to the sick bay, and spend the next three healing up their wounds, while Maxwell cover the entrance of the bunker with his cannon, hopping to catch any more of these creature leaving the complex. The next three days are uneventful, and the team enters the bunker in force.


The bunker is a labyrinth and after a series of twist and turns, the team arrives at a reception area the has been converted to a shrine with holo picture of a kitty on the shrine. There are no obvious exits from the room, till they find a passageway covered by a hard light holograph. After another series of twist and turns they arrive at a chamber with a pool, seven more of the creatures the team battle earlier are in the process of bathing and rushes the party when they spot them. The battle is short and sweet with the team prawning their opponents. While the room has no treasure, it does lead to another chamber filled with a garden of rare earth plants. Maxwell plunders some strawberries and team decide they will come back and loot the garden. They continue on and find a library filled with old tomes and data slab containing ancient Mandate knowledge. Unfortunately the library spring up an electric barrier blocking anyone from leaving the room with any of its material.


Vowing to return, the team continues on, finding a bunk room which housed the garrison of the complex, now abandon. Finding a passage leading to the armory, Maxwell leading the team watches in horror as his Distortion Cannon, is sliced by monofilament fibers suspended in the corridor. Disarming the trap, the team empty the armory of the few items left behind. Returning back to bathing room. Several diamond barriers slide over the exist and water from the pool begins to rise. Struggling to escape, Maxwell notes that team is all wearing vac suits, while he wearing assault armor and should be able to survive under water.


Eventually the water will drain out the room and barriers will slide out of the way. Continuing making their way through the bunkers, they find and old electrical room and then a biological Lab. The lab contains tanks of shrimp like creatures and a human operating on a body. He greet the team and explains the work he doing.


Just before the scream, the Mandate was attempting to find ways to battle the growing rebellion, unsure of the loyalty of the Maestro's, the AI's that ran the Earth Mandate, they wanted to create synthetic soldiers that would operate independent of the Maestros. One's that could not be shut down. The bunker was created and experts in various field were both in to develop such a soldier, but when the Scream struck the human scientist fled leaving the operating character behind, who is really a rogue AI, that has been working for the last six hundred years on the project. The AI took the mantis shrimp, created artificial brains that mimick the shrimp behavior, them it encase in modified Echo Armature which are capable of forging new units by consuming their victim to produce replace soldiers.


A panel slides open as the AI finishes his story, revealing a Armature design to dismantles humans, the party open up on the AI, not realize it merely a puppet. The insuring battle results in Savanna going down and destruction of the Armature. As the party finish off the Armature, a holo of the AI is projected in to the lab, announcing a 20 minute countdown. The team struggle with Carrying Savanna and crazed Yogi who want to return to the library, but they remaining team members drags him out of the bunker just in time to watch a ship lifting off from the bunker, which is then consumed in a series of detonation, flattering the structure.


The team returns to the Ydris and show them the destroy bunker and the Ydris loads the Star bolt with the promised Fire Crabs. The team lift off with Yogi still cursing the Frankenstein AI for the loss of the library. They proceed to the edge of the solar system to drill back to Gateway.

Just before drilling out the party picks up a distress signal. They trace the signal to a planetoid where discover the wreck of alien space craft. Boarding the craft they find an Alien Lantern, the only item that seem to withstand the impact of the collision. Both of the team psychics get a odd feeling that seems to pass. After an intense debate it decided that they take the artifact, but keep it in the air lock.


As the ship drill, they are save at the last minute by the lantern which appear on the bridge and shines a light indicating the proper drill route. Yogi psychically probes the Lantern and discover that it is the Ultimate Compass, and it can show the route to any place in the universe. Yogi is thrilled and inform the group of their great fortune and team begins making plans of how they can cash in on this item.


The team returns to Ssath Asteroid and exchanges the crabs for the book and make their way back to Gateway. They hand Gutman the book, not informing him of their find. He give the team two days off as he examines the book. Yogi and the team goes on a shopping spree, and Yogi runs into the Assassin Micheal George, who is dress in odd robe of pink and rose. Micheal tell Yogi that he found the answer to life, and begins to tell him of the tale of mysterious Prophet which he was hired to kill. Sneaking pass her follower and dispatching her body guard, Micheal sneak up to her bed only to find she is behind him and in the following battle, she manages to tell Micheal all his secrets from his killing his pet dog and his high school Prom date. There is no judgment in her voice, and that as long as Micheal is true to his feeling that there was nothing wrong.


Yogi ask Micheal if he still an assassin,he said he no longer kill for money, which Yogi congratulate him for not being a killer any more, which Micheal correct him. He still kills, but not for money, but when the feeling come over him, and he demonstrate by snapping the neck of a passerby. Micheal slips into the crowd, leaving the party with the body, which the team medic revives with her psychic power. Yogi proceeds to hire two body guards and the team returns to Gutman. Gutman has discover that there is a star map, in ancient ruins on a planet outside the sector which will lead them to the treasure he seeks.


The Team prepares, Yogi filling the ship up with extra food to feed his body guards and the team proceeds to drill out of the system. They intercept the call of Gateway Naval frigate engaged in combat with a pirate raider, requesting aid. Rushing to help, the Team flees the combat as soon as they get hit with a fractual charge which inflicts heavy damage.


The Guards reply that after escaping certain death they need a drink, and they grab a couple of beers from the bridge. Downing the beers both guards fall dead. The beer and part of the food supply was poison. The team separate the poisoned food and storing the Guards bodies. The party continues on to Gansu. The trip through Gansu system is uneventful, the team continues on to Hutton. They bypass the planet and decide to refuel using a gas giant. En-route to the gas giant they almost run into unplotted asteroid field. Escaping collision the team discovers that the field is recorded but deleted from feed to the pilot console.


After Drilling into the next system, Vyborg, Mercs that were hidden under the grills in the cargo bay attempt to take control of the ship. Yogi bribes them after discovering that the they are being payed the same amount as the individual cut of the party last haul. The team drills on to Chifeng where they deposit merc after informing them of a bomb hidden on board as a fail safe if the mercs were unable to for fill their mission. The team makes goes over the craft, for any more hidden surprises and find none, all system check out and the team drills on to Octlan.


In Octlan the team decide to Skim the sun to refuel. During their approach to the sun, the temperature begins to rise, Savanna and Jay check the heat exchange and discovers that the mirror matter heat coil is missing. Jury rigging a replacement they manage to dock at Octlan to buy a replacement. Yogi dials the compad number that mercs were contact from and the medic compad rings. He then attempts to probe the Lantern again and fails, suspecting that it is behind the string of incidents that have befallen them. They take the Lantern to a junk yard and attempt to have it crushed in industrial diamond forge, which breaks. After attempting to sell it to junk dealer, they sell the Lantern to the Papademetriou Zaibatsu Astro tech company. A company Psychic scan the Lantern and reveals that it is evil and was planning to have the team kill each other till only one remain and then have that survivor space themselves so it could be alone on the ship. They place the Lantern into a Stasis field in order to store it for future study. The team proceeds to Coatlan with no further issue. From Octlan the team drill onto final destination, the Urteaga System and the planet Yanez.


When they jump into the system and approach the planet, they are intercepted by two Patrol ships of the New Texas Navy. They warn the team that the planet is a protected system and that the NTN guard the system by the request of the planet government of the Jholong people. The planet contains a failed human colony. The Native of the planet, Jholong have incorporated the human survivors into their society. The Jholong descended from Raptor like avian, have evolved to a flightless species that still love to hunt and are stuck at a tech level of the 20 Century earth.


This was mainly due to the collapse of their society when they were contacted by humans from the Flower union a century before the scream. Their religion base on a Sky god ( alien visitor) could not bear the knowledge of other being other than their sky gods. The Collapse of Human Colony due to the scream brought a revival of the old gods, marking humans as false gods. The Theocracy that has rose in the after math of the scream has placed the human inhabitants as a kind of untouchables or scrape goats, where humans filled in positions that that Jholong consisted unclean . Contact with the New Texas Republic of the Sandhya system has renewed contact with human worlds of the sector. The Agreement allows the Texas Navy to man the old Mandate Space station, in return for protection from the worlds of Tzannetakis and Hildigunn who have fought several wars in the last 200 years, which have left the neighboring world of Gurdrid a radioactive waste land.


They are escorted to an old space station where they are instructed to contact the Jholong ambassador on the station. The Jholong ambassadors is member of the priesthood and he address Yogi in a condescending manner, as humans are lowest tier of the Planet's society. There is a major disagreement between the party as were worry that Yogi would start an incident, instead Yogi talks the ambassador into letting them down to the planet. They take a reentry capsule to the planet…

Session 1 Log
Come Together Over Guttman

Group formed by Trapper Guttman to retrieve extremely rare Artifact that will require a number of steps to gain access

First step was acquiring an item in an auction on Gateway in pod 6. We were given 1K credits to achieve this. Liberty attempted to gain some insight into the auction and local players but failed (and now we know why).

The auction proceeds apace with the first four items are being bid on and sold. Then the auctioneers, Jack and Valerie are headshot by Revenge Droids. The team engages and defeats them with Jade destroying most of them by herself. Our healer stabilizes the auctioneers.

The door to the pod area starts to be sealed from the inside. We loop around and find more Revengers in the back with a dead body. We make short work of them and move into the back of the Auction House. We move through the warehouse, finding sealed doors. Maxwell Anders is almost killed by hot coffee blast but manages to avoid it.

We make our way to Jack's office and turn off the lockdown. We sneak through the main courtyard, avoiding <animals>. In the pod storage area, we find 1-4 and 6 open. Our pod is opened with coffee beans spilled all over. We grab the pod, the beans and the pod in bay 5 and head out after it's clear that the bad guys have left. 

We learn from a local vagrant that the woman and dog we saw earlier left in a high-end aircar. We learn that it's <name> heir to <name> fortune and she retrieved a book that our boss wanted. It was determined that it would be nearly impossible to go after her. The boss recommends we retrieve a copy from <name> who lives in a local area asteroid. He lends us his light ship for the task. 

<name> is a queen of <race> who indicates that our boss had been there a number of times and agrees to give us her copy in exchange for 300 Fire Crabs from Sepulchre (not Serpico). We fly to the planet, scanning for an optimum location (near volcano vents) to retrieve our cargo. 

We land and head towards the area where we're ambushed by a Mauler. After defeating it, two figures, from the Idris Clan invite us to their camp for trade. After nattering for hours about their backstory (while we lightly trip balls) we work out an agreement to take out humanoid creatures raiding their territory in exchange for them filling our cargo area with Fire Crabs.

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