Stars Without Number

Session 1 Log

Come Together Over Guttman

Group formed by Trapper Guttman to retrieve extremely rare Artifact that will require a number of steps to gain access

First step was acquiring an item in an auction on Gateway in pod 6. We were given 1K credits to achieve this. Liberty attempted to gain some insight into the auction and local players but failed (and now we know why).

The auction proceeds apace with the first four items are being bid on and sold. Then the auctioneers, Jack and Valerie are headshot by Revenge Droids. The team engages and defeats them with Jade destroying most of them by herself. Our healer stabilizes the auctioneers.

The door to the pod area starts to be sealed from the inside. We loop around and find more Revengers in the back with a dead body. We make short work of them and move into the back of the Auction House. We move through the warehouse, finding sealed doors. Maxwell Anders is almost killed by hot coffee blast but manages to avoid it.

We make our way to Jack's office and turn off the lockdown. We sneak through the main courtyard, avoiding <animals>. In the pod storage area, we find 1-4 and 6 open. Our pod is opened with coffee beans spilled all over. We grab the pod, the beans and the pod in bay 5 and head out after it's clear that the bad guys have left. 

We learn from a local vagrant that the woman and dog we saw earlier left in a high-end aircar. We learn that it's <name> heir to <name> fortune and she retrieved a book that our boss wanted. It was determined that it would be nearly impossible to go after her. The boss recommends we retrieve a copy from <name> who lives in a local area asteroid. He lends us his light ship for the task. 

<name> is a queen of <race> who indicates that our boss had been there a number of times and agrees to give us her copy in exchange for 300 Fire Crabs from Sepulchre (not Serpico). We fly to the planet, scanning for an optimum location (near volcano vents) to retrieve our cargo. 

We land and head towards the area where we're ambushed by a Mauler. After defeating it, two figures, from the Idris Clan invite us to their camp for trade. After nattering for hours about their backstory (while we lightly trip balls) we work out an agreement to take out humanoid creatures raiding their territory in exchange for them filling our cargo area with Fire Crabs.


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