Rose's Assassin


From a young age Michael Johnson found himself lure by the act of murder. Countless stray went missing in his neighborhood and as he grew into a teen, several of his teen age friend were murdered.

The authorities quickly associate him with the acts, and he was brought in front of unnamed official. The mysterious man in black berated him not for the crimes but for the fact that he was caught, and so started Michael training as a state sponsor assassin.

Along the way he killed who ever the state ask him to, whether it was lovers in each other embrace, babies in their mother arms or innocences as they slept. Didnot matter as Michael love to kill.

Yet in his heart he felt guilt, and when order to kill Rose, he found himself a victim that was not an easy mark. As they battle Rose didnot berate him, for being a murder, or the joy that he got from it, but for the fact that he was murder for the benefit of others and not for the sheer joy of that it brought him,

Rose’s acceptance of Michael won his heart, and now he kills for himself and the shear joy it brings.


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