Liberty Vailance

Octlan Ranger on the run; Accused of a crime he didn't commit


Liberty Valence was a 7th generation Octlan Ranger, an elite group of police that kept the peace on that mining world. They were known for their distinctive Thermal Pistols and special training in dealing perps in mining gear. Every day was a delicate balance of maintaining order and seeking justice between the management and the unions.

Part of their job involved dealing with smuggling coming in from other sectors, so Liberty and the other rangers had some experience in space. So he was put undercover on the local starport orbiting the planet with a crew suspected of importing Artifacts and illegal items. As the investigation was wrapping up, Liberty found himself framed for murder and smuggling, and the evidence indicated an inside job.

Realizing he’d be railroaded if he couldn’t figure out who did it, he slipped onto the deck crew of an outgoing freighter, taking his Octlan Ranger jacket, hat and pistol. He arrived on Gateway and answered the ad by Trapper Gutman.

Liberty Vailance

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