Stars Without Number

The Vault and the trap.

D'fhoghlaim Muc had toiled his entire life to create the grand vault of knowledge in the distant Ru Salaak system. The system lit by the pale light of a white dwarf was the perfect hiding place; the asteroid that they selected would be lost among the thousands of planetoids that inhabited the system, while the dwarf star would form the ultimate defense against the Head Hunters. 

D'fhoghlaim Muc’s team had seeded the star with a swarm of femtobots , machines on the scale of an atomic nucleus. These machines would begin the process of creating a massive computer etched into the degenerate matter of the star’s crust. The vast computing power of this massive CPU would be in turn to one use, the disruptions of the head hunters’ Hypercomputing AI’s.
Twuch kan Lea, Muc assistant came barging into his cabin. “My Lord, our home world has fallen. The Head hunters have broken through the defenses.” He screamed panting heavily to prevent himself from going into shock..

“At least if we are to be erased from this existent, the legacy of the Queyon will live on in this museum. Even if the Head Hunters find this world, they will just discover their own end.” Muc utter defectively, his head bowed in sorrow.

“Are you sure master?”Twuch kan Lea asked in disbelieve. For all of the years of the Queyon conflict with the head hunters, the shear computing power of the Hypercomputing system of the head hunters AI had easily over ride and hack through the computers and AIs of the Queyon.

“The Star Computer is design to create the ultimate Cellular Automaton that will duplicate itself in the memories of the Head hunters computing system. Draining away the AI processing power it will spread via the Head hunters' communication network, over whelming any security and encryption protocols. There is no way any single Head hunter could match the sheer computer power of that!” Muc roared as he pointed to the white dwarf. “And every Head Hunter infected will just add to computing power of the Cellular Automatons, as they will use the Head hunters own communication web to form a massive network.”

“But master what about other races, we will be gone, and Head hunters will be destroyed, what to stop some upstart race from plundering our legacy?” Twuch kan Lea asked…

“Do not worry my son; I have made plans to insure that the Vault is safe.” D'fhoghlaim Muc utter as he rose to stare out the portal of his cabin…


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