Stars Without Number

Session 9 Log

Savannah's Six

The team begins their mission: Client requests the removal of a religious anti-tech group (cult) called Hava'a from her estate 3 hours from the Gateway Capital. We investigate and determine that 1) she does own the land in question and 2) the group really is squatting. We visit their store-front temple and learn that this is a sanctioned squat. Liberty learns the identity of one of the children of rich people, Fred Consigo that's in the group. From there, our computer techs figure out a list of ten people of the same stripe. 

It's revealed that Savannah's data slab has been hacked.

We visit the mother of one of those cultists named Marilyn who agrees to either buy the estate or provide funds for another place for them. Armed with that info, we go to the estate to talk to the group. We explain the situation and attempt to reason them off the estate. Liberty mentions Octlan, a place full of natural 'beauty'. We go back and forth and end up nowhere. They won't move and Eve Kate won't sell.

We decide on a middle road of violence, and buy some gas grenades (500cr) and knock everybody out, ship them to a place that Marilyn has arranged for. 

We receive 2000 cr (285 each + one share for group). 

The group is contacted by another infortainer named Rex Ryder who's looking for security for a snipe hunt as part of prep for a cowboy film he's starring in. We fly to a small mining town of Redstone. There is a group of soldiers there hanging around. We settle in for the night, drinking and talking to the other hunters. We learn that snipes have become quite rare, only 2 were taken in last year's hunt. 

We awaken to the sound of crashing and screams. The team comes out to a hoard of half a dozen snipes running roughshod in the inn. We kill them and check outside. There are even more. We barricade the door and fight them, killing them also. We move through the town and take out almost 20 of the beasts. 3 people are killed and at least a dozen injured. Rex gets some great pics for his movie.

We're paid 500cr each. We receive an adrenaline suppressor which we sell for 21,000 cr. We each get 3000cr. The group account has 5100cr in it at this point.

The soldiers and a scientist arrive and collect the bodies over our protests. Afterwords we determine that the snipes came from the space port and it's likely that the soldiers (who appear not to be real) released them. Subsequent investigation determines that the scientist is Doctor Zega, leader of the Chldren of Light cult (who dabbles in mind control) who the group encountered earlier in Session 7. We figure this out when the locals reveal that a group of white-robed clad people came a month ago and disappeared into the desert.

Yogi successfully tracks the soldier's shuttle to Electric Blue, a pleasure moon in the system.

We return to find our history professor has flown the coop, seduced by an unknown vamp. He's taken our text and a vital artifact with him. We learn that he also went to EB. We follow in Guttman's ship. Local currency is 2cr to 1 BlueBuck and a 1/1 conversion back. We start looking for our two  problems. While Liberty is perched in a bar, he's approached by a woman with a bionic arm. He speaks to a Guttman-type who wants to hire the team to go to Sirocco to rescue the data from a year-long survey there. He'll pay us 500cr each.

We find out that it's Raquel who 'took' our scholar. We capture and reprogram a cleaning bot to enter her suites with a camera. Our plan is to distract the people in there while the robot takes the artifact. We argue with the guards and Raquel until Savannah gets the bot to get out with the artifact. 

We flee, contacting the bionic woman and meet them at the ship. We contact Guttman to arrange for a pilot to collect his ship. We head off to Sirocco. 


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