Stars Without Number

Session 8 Log

Yogi's Lament

As the team regroups at a nearby lodge, they hear hovercars and gunfire nearby. Liberty sneaks out to scout out the situation. He sees a group of agents with a coat of arms on their jackets along with an elderly man (The Count) leading and Rose. As Michael Paul emerges from the compound with a young woman who is revealed to be the Count's daughter

Liberty emerges from the woods and learns that the Count's team stormed the compound while we unwittingly provided a distraction. They reveal that all the people, including our target, had been Mind Controlled. 

We return to Guttman and debrief him. He gives us a new assignment. He is looking for time on a special computer network. For that he's going to give them two packets of Gigelium(?) a substance that enhances tech. However, to get that, 4 mining mechs need to be delivered to the Gigelium mine on a moon in the Gateway system. This is our task. We set off in the ship to the mining moon.


The moon has an illegal blockade that we plan to circumvent by disguising our boxes as foodstuffs also altering our manifest.

6 hours out of Gateway, we detect a ship on an intercept course. Scans reveal that it is an unarmed scout representing the financial house, Exchange of Light. It is on an intercept course. They maintain radio silence. Liberty surmises that they must be sending a communique that can't be sent over the radio. Others are less optimistic. It catches up with our ship and moves alongside, but does not signal. 

We reluctantly dock with the ship. But nothing happens. We do a deeper scan and find no life forms or even electronic signals aboard. Savannah hacks the camera system and we see that there is a strange green goo around the ship along with 3 outfits. This fast courier usually has a 3-man crew. We also see a canister similar to the one we found earlier but this one is open. We assume that this is effectively a plague ship, contact the Gateway Traffic office and send an image of the canister for comparison to the one we dropped off previously. We continue to the mining moon.

Heightening our paranoa, there's no greeting on our arrival at the Gigelium mine. But we are able to dock. Oddly, we have to cross an open bay with no atmosphere to drop off the boxes. We bring one box into the foyer where a bot extends a commpad with the administrator, Yayson, on it. He says that the Foreman is out on the surface and will complete the exchange when he returns. We leave the 1st box in the foyer and Yogi, our Healer and Liberty hang out in the lounge while the others maintain the ship.

Suddenly there's an alert on all screen that a Virus has infected the mine's systems. We head back towards the ship and run into Dr. Gleason. She informs them that all the mining mechs have gone haywire and risk opening the mine to space. We regroup, grab our heaviest armor and weapons and head to the command center. 

The situation has three components. The Foreman, in a mining mech is stuck ont the surface; the rest of the mechs are running amok in the deep mines; a bunch of engineers are stuck in another section which contains a Reboot Gun which can shut down the mechs (so that we don't injure the helpless miners) and mining bots.They give us the other one which Liberty takes on the basis of having the best skill with it. 

Yogi, the healer and Liberty go to the surface and rescue the Foreman while destroying the mining bots around him. The group then fights a running slog through the mine, first rescuing the engineers (minus one that was DOA) and then destroying the rest of the bots and shutting down the Mining bots.

As an expression of gratitude, they give us an extra cannister of Gigelium for Savannah. We head back to Gateway without incident. 

Upon our return we learn that a fleet of mercs has arrived for shore leave calling themselves the Legion Vainglorious(?). They are famous for picking fights based on the challenge and nobility of the cause. They include mena and women, humans and aliens. As we land, we learn that they are everywhere on the planet, even our favorite watering hole. 

They sing a sad song about the one battle that they've lost (out of 100). The team mumbles some annoyance and almost gets in a fist fight. Yogi spots a short female merc. We learn that her name is Terra and she is from a race that suffered an Independence Day level reckoning, needing to flee their planet. She indicates that she is many hundreds of years old, and mentions a plant that greatly extends life and possibly can provide immortality. Her race was contacted by (name of race) and given ships to find their missing relatives. She lost hers and is with the fleet which runs about the galaxy and hopes to find their missing sisters.

Yogi makes some inquiries that she feels are inappropriate. Ultimately, she slugs him, nearly killing him with one blow. A genius level Persuade attempt gets her to stop. 

When we leave the bar, we're approached by a lady in a limo who requests our services. She claims to have a set of squatters, a religious group called the Aslan on her property. If we can persuade them to move (she indicates actual persuading and not violence) she'll give us 2000 cr. 

Session ends.


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