Stars Without Number

Session 18 Log

Alien Safari

Crystal suggests awakening person in the cryo tube. Crystal succeeds and the man wakes up. He says that this is not the station. We explain where he is. He was supposed to be shipped to the space station. His partner was supposed to wake him up. We determine that he’s been in there for about 10 years. 

His name is Zed Strousberg. He was going to head out of the system since it’s an “armpit.” We inquire about the headhunters. He doesn’t know since most people are here to make a fast buck. There are a lot of compounds on the planet generated by the creatures on the planet. Moon Devils come down from the moons and eat people. 

There are ruins that are protected by the Hive Bugs who live in the shadows. Jackalopes and Giant Orcers are on the planet. We take him to the nearest mining asteroid. We explain but are asked to the head administration. Yogi and Liberty will go; the others stay on the ship. Ms. Armed Holst is the administrator. She wonders if we’re spies. There’s been trouble with miners; drugs and things. 

She inquires about employment. We decline. The asteroid holds psychic crystals that enhance psi abilities but brings out the worst in people. The door opens and an attractive woman in Security DeWinters, comes in wanting to check us out. She clears us and we leave. 

We head to Maldoran and are contacted by flight control. We land in a domed city and land in the space port. It’s similar to Gateway. There are drug deals happening right on the pads. 

The closest part of the city is Tourist Town, a place designed to suck money out of visitors. Liberty checks for a library or a archeological society. We get an address. Everybody but Sandy goes. We drive to a theme park with a historical angle. We go in. There’s not a lot of actual tourists here; they’re outnumbered by the workers. 

Captain Kline is mentioned as the 1st person who landed here and in his bio it mentions the headhunters. The person expounding on the inaccuracies is the Dean of the University. We inquire about the alien race that was here; he says it was very advanced. But they suffered a calamity about 6 million years ago. The species was called the Prime/Alfundies and were destroyed by an Enemy. Afterwards the Hive bugs took over the ruins. 

We ask after a ruin and he mentions safaris. He suggests going back to Tourist town. Professor Clyde. The regular safari routes don’t go to the ruins so we look into a more “grey” area for a guide. He agrees to takes for 100 credits a person. Crystal gets data for the local fauna. The guide’s name is Al (no last names!)  We meet at the edge of the city where he has six mounts. 

First day is mostly plain with some creatures that he advises us not to attack. They have psychic powers. We come to some mountains. We start up a trail. The mountains seem to have a gelatinous quality. We see carrion eating the bodies of those not on the safe path. 

Past the mountains is a jungle. He leads us on a trail, demonstrating great skill as a guide. We come upon a person in a ‘safety globe,’ a pod from a aerial vehicle. It’s off the beaten path so we opt to leave it alone. 

We come upon a small ruin. Al says it’s been mostly cleared out of Hive Bugs. Savanna asks after the psychic crystals on the planet. Al says that a lot of creatures have psi, including small creatures that people consume to enhance their abilities. Rumors of the Secret Masters, a group of psychics who control everything. 

We go inside. The top level is mostly decimated. Towards the center there’s a series a building that resembles a cavern. We see bodies strewn about.  There’s more inside. Inside there are an array of glowing spots. We realize we’re looking at a dragon with multiple and multiple limbs. 

We fight and kill it. It has a mound of stuff. The dragon appears to be a vegetarian, feeding of the lichen of the room. We find 10 tech 4 spare parts, an expert system, a mag pistol. 

We boot the system and it has a vocal system. It give a location for a least damaged ruin with a possible database. We inquire about a safer one and it give us that. Al will take us there for additional money,.

The group goes through brush land. Al makes sure we have filters so we don’t get poisoned by spores or haze. We spend the night uneventfully. The next day leads through rocky mountainous terrain. We enter plains and realize that a camouflage creature is tracking us. 

Liberty tries to shoot it and it attacks. It wounds Crystal and we put it down. It’s skin has unusual properties and it has a sonic organic system that stuns prey. 

The ruins come into sight along with a group of herbivore creatures covered in bubbles that light on fire. We go around and travel for a day. We do see a predator who kidnaps savanna and we track it to its lair and kill it. We see more advanced creatures in the cave who appeared to be ready to cook Savanna. We’re now tied up. Crystal teleports out of the ropes and throws a grenade at them, driving them off. 

We track our missing mounts and head to the ruins. We arrive after a day. Much of the city is flattened but in the back are more complete buildings. We get attacked by the bugs and flee into a hole in the ruins. The tunnel is coated in a odd resin. We come out into a chamber. We see ourselves in our most shameful moments. Jade and Yogi are frozen in shame. We break their images and flee. We come to a holochamber with a 17-foot tall suit in the center. We close the door on the bugs. The armor is ancient and empty. Jade approaches and the eyes light up. We have our expert system talk to it and it reveals that this is the Archivist’s suit which has tones of information. 

We ask about the headhunter homeworld and it tells us that it’s called Zyvoth. We aske for coordinates. It gives us them. It tells us it can teleport us out and we contact Al to tell him to go home. And we are sent to the city. Making it back to the star port, we find our ship is gone. We go to the security office and learn the ship went out of system and the tape of the theft is blank. 

We use our expert system to get into the planetary system and Jade and Savanna look for the camera hacker’s location. Savanna gets an address on the device and determines it was 3 days ago. We break in and interrogate the hacker. She says she’s working for the Space Princess. Who’s an alien but is living local. 

We end here. 1400 XP


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