Stars Without Number

Session 17 Log

We emerge from the gate. It doesn’t look the system to come out in. We’re heading for a black hole and the computer refuses and says he wants to kill us all. He believes we are agents of the Enemy. Yogi tries to talk him out of it. He says we’re covered in nanites. We explain that we blow up the drones and the residue is from that fight. It thinks about it and starts to slow down. 

He warns us to close our eyes and we are bathed in radiation. Covered in dust, we’re cleansed of the nanites. Since we’re not the enemy, it demands that we aid in destroying the enemy. We ask for perameters. 

It explains: The AI was developed by an ancient race that eventually disappeared in a digital bliss. It began to look for a new master. Blah blah. We need to got to a planet (which held off the Enemy) that has the location of the enemy homeworld and get the info. The beings were called the Prime. 

The place is hostile is AIs so he’ll take us there and then we’ll do our thing. A wormhole forms in front of the ship and we jump in. We emerge at Maladoran, it’s a yellow giant and we are surrounded by moonlets. They are actually in the atmosphere of a larger planet which is naturally impossible.

We are on a collision course with a freighter. Jade pulls us out and we are saved. We are hailed.  It’s a crude AI. It says we’re horrible drivers and Jade says we can’t be that bad since we missed. We try to figure out where we are. Savanna determines that we’re on the Edge of Mandate Space. 

The farthest moon has a carrier signal that’s open. We speculate that the Scream originated from here. We look for a place to get supplies. We speak to another freighter with a guy named Jet playing a violin. He says to land at the spaceport. When we show money he says he can help. We dock. He has a robot called Manchester. There’s a woman who pops her head out. The ship is called the Margaret. We discuss prices and Yogi detects a powerful Psychic force against him. This explains the beautiful woman. 

We purchase 40 days of food for 1800 credits. The man asks why we’re here and we demur. He mentions defeating a warlord last time he was here. He held the planet ransom from the moon we’re heading for. We disembark with our stuff. 

We arrive at the planet. Examining the signal, we see the last moments of the base where a bunch of robots were chopping up humans. We build an EMP. We pick the lock on the airlock and go into the hangar. There are a few shuttles around that are a few years old. 

We check the shuttles. One is open and has a heat signature in it. It’s a trap with a robot using a flare as bait. We kill it. Now we examine the bot. It’s not an AI but very sophisticated. It contains a container of fluid that is the end product of the conversion of organic matter. Savanna realizes that the process removes the aging process from cells. The sensors on the bots was using comms to detect. 

We search the shuttle bay and find a camera. Jade taps into it. We’re being observed by multiple groups of bots. We spoof the camera and set up a heat and explosive trap with the shuttle. 

We exit the shuttle bay. There is a T intersection. We blind a camera in the intersection and go down the center corridor. Max and Savanna fall down a chute into a storage room. Two bots attack. Jade opens the trapdoor and Liberty jumps down. We beat them and Savanna is wounded though healed by Crystal. We pull out the telescoping pole and proceed. We come to a closed door. It opens to a cargo room, filled with crates. We open a crate with medical supplies, then ten lasers and 10 a batteries. The next one has artwork and a manifest. It mentions the warlord Lo Ping. We also find a cryo unit with a person inside. One of the artwork is a portrait of the warlord with a notation “congrats on the 210th.” The frozen person is a middle-aged man. Maxwell takes a Japanese fan. We all carry a med kit. 

There is one exit. A 40 meter hall comes to a door. We pop it open and come to the control room. In the center, is a throne. Jade checks it out and accidentally presses a button. A hologram of Lo Ping cackles and summons his kilobots. We fight them and Savanna shuts down the remaining bots. Crystal heals the wounded. We break the bots. 

The control room contains an targeting computer tied to a rail gun. There’s a personal log of the warlord. We download it and fight off a computer virus. We search for “Prime” and find info on ruins and several orbiting artifacts. He mentions that creatures on the planet had been engineered by the Prime. 

A timer starts and we run out, grabbing the cryo unit on the way. The base blows up and we barely escape. We decide to head for the closest artifact. It is an asteroid with a couple of crashed ships. One of them has an energy reading, the others are cold. They all appear to be shot down or towed to the asteroid. We tried to land but we crash. The AI says that it’ll take six repair cycles to repair (6 days).  

Savanna stays and the rest of the team checks out the ship with the energy source. We open the portal. There are power-suckers all over the place. We shut down the overloading reactor and the power suckers. We kill the big one and check the next ship. It’s a freighter. It’s also cleaned out, but we find a tunnel at the base of the ship which leads into the asteroid. 

The tunnel changes into into a crystalline structure. Sixty meters down it opens into a chamber. There are twelve robots against the walls. They look at us to see if we’re going to enter. We leave and check the other wrecks. The next one is mangled and corroded metal. We fight the creatures that inhabit it. The creatures are plant-like. They appear to feed off of the metal and oxidize. 

We move to the next ship, also very corroded. There is a beacon and a large creature. There are human shaped things in its belly. Struggling. Yogi communicates with it. It is looking for “Food Crystals” which appear to be psionic in nature. We agree to give it crystals in exchange for passage into the asteroid, if we find them.

The next ship is similar except with more energy leechs. We fight them off and find crystals, eight of them. We store two near the ship in a faraday cage and then look for the monster. We give the crystals and he teleports us into the asteroids. There is a large chair with an armored alien in it. We go through a sequence of highly sucessful events and we realized we’re in a fantasy. We find ourselves at a party where there is a door that no one is going through. We ask about it and a partygoer says that it is miserable through that door. 

Liberty and Jade walks through the door. Everybody else follows through and we end up on the asteroid six days later. We recover the two crystals and take off looking to take it out but the creature is gone. 

18,666 Xp after today.


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