Stars Without Number

Session 16 Log

Exp is 1450 from last session. Total 15666

The party decides to set up an illusion that will make the other people think the place is destroyed. After we set that up we hear a series of explosions and Raquel's party comes into the area. We banter over our deal. We come to an impasse, and they leave in an Explorer. 

We see a Zek ship landing and decide to leave. We find our mounts by a creek. We travel back to the city. We're challenged and when we try to leave we're taken to the court. We give the data to Neo-Crystal (a clone of our psychic-healer) who has taken over the city. We check the ship and take off.

We enter Polychrome system and see an alien frog body floating in space. Shortly after, Raquel's ship drills and and preps to jump again. Savanna goes out and picks up the body.  We detect a ion trail about a week old. We bio-scan it. It died from being spaced. It is a Thunk, a space-thug race. 

We land on Polychrome. We give Caper the coordinates and he determines it's across the Galaxy. He figures there's a alien jump gate in the next sector. We decide to get  a scoop at Octlan. We drill to Sepulchre and encounter a convoy of freighters and military ships. We join them and drill to Gateway.

We emerge and are approached by a huge butterfly ship who disables the military craft that intercepted us. It is a Starflyer, a space creature. We bravely run away.  We dock with the station and contact Ali who is still OK. We fail to reach Rose or Michael. 

We encounter a group of ships going to Hutton on pilgrimage. They are religious people who praise the Knifes of the Surgeons. We encounter a small yacht and we let them know about the revolution. We drill to Gansu, refuel without incident and we drill to Vyborg and encounter a large freighter heading in our direction. It's flashing lights that are Morse code for SOS. It is not under power and heading for an asteroid field. 

The signal claims that Djinn have taken over the ship. We decide to investigate. We link up and go inside. We search and get attacked by two bots. We interrogate the engineer who says they found something in the ice and the captain went crazy. We send the crewman back to Savanna's Reward. Savanna spots someone hiding in the Jeffries tubes. Yogi and her leave while Liberty hides to lure her out.   She follows them and Liberty sneaks behind her. 

She reveals that the object in the ice was a coffin. Two humans jumped out and started killing everyone with swords. We send her to our ship and head to Engineering. Once there, we call out to Ahmed. He says he can't let the ship get to civilization. We notice that a third person gets on the ship.

The Djinn enters our ship and we engage her. Normal damage doesn't work. Yogi's blade works but he goes down. We end up spacing her and killing her two servants by the skin of our teeth. 

We proceed on and get to Octlan. A ship heaves to and people claiming to be the Navy confiscates the food.  We head to the station. We find out that those were deserters.  We install the Fuel Scoop for 50K. We fill out the paperwork for the stolen food. We head out to Coatlan. We detect a freighter wreck. There's life forms on the ship despite no power. We assume they are the cause of the wreck and leave it alone

We enter Coatlan. Nothing happens and we go to Yanez. We encounter a burnt out military vessel that is irradiated. After a day of travel, we encounter a beacon. As we move out of the system. We are surprised by a Drill Fighter. We escape after damaging the ship. 

We enter Samhem. We find a  lone drill fighter in space, drifting. We scan it and take the drive and fractal cannon (no ammo). We enter Svala. We're also boarded by a military craft. They tell us that InGraid (our destination) is run by Nevarians (water people) who are hostile. 

We drill to Bolea. We find a  SOS from a cattle farmer. The woman has a melted drive and we have a spare small drive. We repair it and go our separate ways. We encounter a Texas Ranger ship fighting a pirate. We aid them and destroy the pirate. 

We drill Ingraid. A cruiser ship approaches. They are religious fanatics who give us a pamphlet and leave. We start scanning and a huge carrier appears. They ask us to prepare to be boarded. We're taken to the captain who suggests we are pirates by our ship. We deny it and they say it's too bad cuz they would have us join them. We agree to join them since we don't have any choice. They will take 10 percent of our 'booty' and we have a month to give our first payment. They offer us rum. Yogi demurs the rest drink. We are now Members of the Brotherhood of the Void. 

We leave and find a planet. There is a large structure on a continent filled with sandstorms. It resembles a clock or wheel. There is a landing strip covered in sand. We land there. In the sand is a wreck of a ship or dirigible. Upon inspection, we see another ship. It is new and not buried. We open hailing frequencies. There's woman with a orange Mohawk. She says her name is Selo. She's an archeologist who's been there for two days. Her partner is missing after a big sandstorm. 

We agree to help her find her partner in exchange for potential info. We go into a structure. We head through. Hallways to a central section with tech They figure out that the computer system has been infected with a virus. Liberty tracks the other man to a space where his tracks end and his shovel is there. He half uncovered a 3 by 3 foot cube. It appears to be a kind of drone. 

Jade attempts to clear the computer and gets it moving. Different star systems appear on the screen. It appears to be in real time. She determines which system we're looking for.  It has a white dwarf. Savanna runs diagnostics. After checking, it asks for a password. We hack it and it calms down. The platform opens to a world where we see the other person. Then it closes. We reopen it and the man comes running through being chased by a T-Rex. We open it to the proper coordinates.  It opens to space. We adjust the coordinates and it opens to a planet  where there's bare vegetation and a bunch of skulls. THe computer acts funky and the gate closes. The computer is running cellular pattern that is burning the computer's bandwidth. 

We hear a humming noise. Ten of the cubes are heading towards us. They also shudder.  And crash. Savanna shuts it off. Rebooting, it does the same thing. We shut it again and the techs try to figure out the pattern. 

We check out the alien ship to see if there is any computer salvageable. We boot up the drive. A Horchuk hologram appears and speaks in their language. We find a uni-tranaslator. It thinks we're misshapen Horchuks. It has a key to the larger jump gate. The other system is for personal transport. The ship computer was in process of being shut down during an attack. We adjust the calculations to an orbital location. We jump through.


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