Stars Without Number

Session 15 Log

Save the Ogre Princess and Save the World

Guttman, Liberty and Yogi go to a bar. The rich guy who was on the cruise liner is there and mentions that the Countess is pregnant. The cyborg woman realizes that the Link is down and we explain about the Scream. The guy's dad is running out of Juggernaut Stims for fighting. 

There's a set of pit fighters called the Icemen. They're winning enough that he thinks they have a formula that he could use to replace it. Liberty and Yogi will go undercover as a fighter and trainer. Savanna will go as a tech or observer to hack a database if there is one.

We're accosted by a bunch of guards.  But we. Have the right IDs. We approach the Warren and see a Corp type with guards trying to get through. One of his group is dragged off. We talk to the guards and get the skinny on the Icemen. They fight in the main arena on level 15. 

We trail him to the lift where the wall says A113. We follow and he goes to level A8. A riot starts but he walks right through them. Guards appear and the crowd is unable to harm them. We follow them to a bar. After inquiries, we're led to a pit in the back. 

A guy approaches Savanna.  And mentions the Icemen and their trainer, Mr. Chance. A martial artist whose traveled the Galaxy. Liberty gets annihilated in a fight and heads back to the ship. Yogi talks to the woman running the ring. She mentioned that the creature he fought was a Brute, which started showing up after the Iceman started winning. 

She mentions that some of the Icemen hang out on Level 22 a place called Stogiei's. They take the Cyborg to be the new fighter. Yogi tries to read one of their minds, trying to get Savanna to flirt with them. She demurs. Yogi gets an image of a small man who is defeating all of them. He notes that some of them have been disappearing lately. We suspect that they are now the Brutes. Yogi notes that the Brute resembles one of the missing fighters. 

The clone accidentally hurts one of the Icemen and the others look like they're going to fight her. Yogi ends up making them angrier. He uses his power to have something drop on them and they flee. They take Crystal to the original bar and scan for DNA. She hits paydirt and head back to the checkpoint. Yogi's ID is missing but he talks around it. 

We determine that the DNA was exposed to a powerful mutagen. We reverse engineer the DNA and try to hack the local PD to see if there's a record. We get an ID. Yogi and Crystal go back to the bar and find two of the Icemen. They don't seem to care that the formula transforms them. It makes them 'live the life.'  Sandy suggests trying to get them to share the formula. It doesn't go well. Yogi makes an attempt to read their mind about Mr. Chance. He learns where they train. 

We set up and try to hack their computer.  The info isn't there. We learn that they're defending their championship. We resolve to sneak in and try and grab a sample of the Tea… They run into Mr. Chance.  They show the evidence that it's hurting the fighters and he agrees to give them a sample. Chance reveals that he's an alien about 650 years old. We turn over the formula and get our 25k.  The ship fund gets 3572. 

Two Gateway soldiers approach the ship to collect the clone. They express shock that we let it run around. We turn it over. Then we leave for the unknown world. We detect a life pod near an asteroid belt. It's from the Mirabelle, a deep space far trader. We pull it in and are. Attacked by a space. Savage. Savanna shoots her and kills her. We get her ID. Her ship was destroyed trying to approach the  planet. 

We are shot at by super cannons that appear to use gunpowder and send projectiles into space at escape velocity. We land and are attacked by more savages and we are approached by another group of people. They lead us back to their camp and we see a ship with the initials RF. The people who are here all resemble the cyborg for perfection. We see that Raquel is here with Captain Atom. The planet is a neutral planet between the humans and ZekDak (aliens who destroyed Polychrome). It was a slave camp from the war. The humans rebelled 250 years ago. Their 'knower of all things'   Tells us that the library is past a city called Tulan guarded by ghost warriors and demons. 

Armed with the coordinates, we race to the city against Raquelle. We're attacked by large dragonflys which slow us down and they get there first. But Crystal teleports ahead of them. She talks briefly and then Raquelle appears with trade goods. We tell them we're looking for the library. They call it the valley of ghosts. Our ships can't go there. 

 We negotiate passage with the super-soldier serum. They agree. Crystal offers her DNA sample as well. They offer mounts which they say will get us there better than the other team's vehicle. We tear off towards the library. 

We go a day and make camp. We find two human mounds which we avoid. We're ambushed by bugs but drive them off. We arrive at the library before the other team. We're attacked by holo-Horchuks and Jade notices where the emitters are and we start shooting at them. We move past them into a pine forest of odd colors. We see a compad device and hear marching and a scream. 

We approach it and see an image of an evil Horchuk with a princess repeating a speech over and over again. The holo-compad is also an image. Yogi uses his Meta Linguistics to understand it. It calls us commander ??? and says to save the princess we must pass the Sheldak and the trials. We see a cave entrance and we're attacked by the Sheldak. We kill it and enter the cave to find a chained female Horchuk. She says to save here you must get the fire stone you must defeat the trials, fire and two ogres. 

Crystal teleports over the chasm of fire and a bridge opens up. We see a mound with holes. Scan makes a device to retrieve the gem. The ogres appear and attack. While we shoot out one holo-emitter, it only reveals that the ogres are giant robots. We defeat them. And the system starts to smoke and gurgle. Savanna shuts it down and we start to investigate the library.


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