Stars Without Number

Session 14 Log

We head back to Chifeng. The cops ask after the missing crewmen. We explain but they hold the ship. We sell the stuff. The investigating crew is attacked by "flying buzz saws".  They start evacuating the station. The big ship (name?) is now outside the station. The power goes dead. We run to our ship.

We hear a grinding noise. Something is cutting into the engine room. Evan shoots it and it goes quiet. Then it starts somewhere else. ARch electicifies the hull which drives them away. Suddenly the controls do dead. Arch  determines that our system has been hacked. Yogi reaches out with his mind and goes into coma.

Yogi hears.  "Do you wish to connect to the Net?" They kibbutz and Yogi decides not to. He relents after he realizes he can't leave the construct. They tell   That the drone are Collectors taking things for the Net and archive minds. They haven't been collecting new stimuli for a millions years because of a nasty virus that was suddenly eliminated. Yogi tries to get them to go about it another way. It doesn't go well. 

The system administrator says he is about 8 million years old. He works for the "Masters" who appear to be complicated computer programs. YOgi convinces them to send a message into the "real world" to Liberty who puts it on speaker. ARchie wants a spec for the archive.

We remember that the explosives on the ship. It goes off like the Death Star. The drones stop functioning. Chifeng tells us.  To go. We split the money and. Get 57142 each plus the ship share. Chifeng kicks us out. We head out

ARch checks out the drone. It seems to be super hard, fluid and powers by a black light. We enter. Vyborg and repair the ship (8k). We head to Hutton then Gynsu. We come to Gateway. WE narrowly dodge a yacht. We hail them and a woman apologizes. Shortly thereafter, a cop ship comes barreling past. We ignore it. LIberty takes a picture and we learn she's a famous hijacker. 

We land on Gateway. MIchael approaches us. He thanks us for saving Rose. The election is coming up and the Royal party is running against the Democratic Union party. He was taking out freelencer assassins. There's one left. The one who trained him. He's looking for. Assistance. We check in with Guttman.  We offer to sell him drones and he says to throw them into Sun. We comply. We scan the ship to make sure no tech remains. We found out our food supply is gone. We follow a slime trail to 10 snails. We defeat them. They are called Arrow snails, with nano crystalline shells. We continue our sweep. It's clear. 

We stock up on stuff with our newfound cash. Savannah finds out that Ali has been entertaining her neighbors. We.  Learn there has been more murders on Gateway. Yogi goes back to his apartment. He's accosted by two assassins. They almost kill him when a shadow appears and kills them with Aztec daggers at the base of the neck. He's taken to the hospital. P. Healer heals him. Yogi pays Liberty to guard him.

The debates start. The Count vs. Justin Rousseau, accusing him of being with the Ghouls. He has papers and proof. At the end of the debate, the COunt is shot. Riots break out. Two rich people approach the ship and offer 100k (after negotiations) to live off planet. Crystal hears gunfire near her apartment. A couple of rough guys approach get her apartment and she barricades herself in. She teleports herself to a far roof. She continues  to safety. 

LIberty talks people from dragging Yogi, whose in a private room, by convincing them he has an alien virus. Another family comes to the ship for 25k. 

Liberty goes looking for food. He sees a group shooting into an apartment building. He goes the other way. He loots some rations and heads back to the hospital. We encounter a mob looking for people. Yogi antagonizes them and we flee. We move through the city and get out. We get to Guttmans and find.  Bodies and crater marks. He turns off the smart mines and hold off mobs all night. We then flee to his remote cabin in a grav car. 

The others fight off the hijacker lady and turn her into the police. They drill back to Gateway and hole up with Yogi and Liberty. We leave the system when Caper mentions a possible source of info past Polychrome. We move through the sector and come to PC. We find a crate amongst a shattered fleet of ships and pull it in. It is a Mandate storage box. we Determine that it requires a passcode. 

we pop the box and find a woman in suspension. We revive her.   She demonstrates super strength. She asks for orders and max sends her to the showers.


The Ship was the Mara Irons.

Session 14 Log
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