Stars Without Number

Session 13 Log

Tessa invites Yogi to dinner as her ship in port. 

A person is huddled at Savanna's door – It's the Countess' sister. She asks for sanctuary. Savanna agrees. She asks for S not to tell the crew. 

Yogi sees Maya sitting with two people. Yogi approaches and the others say he should be bowing before the Quexitcotal and Serpentine.   They foretell of a doomed future where gateway is a massive concentration camp. They indicate that Rose' death will cause this to happen. The Ghouls are also involved and have infiltrated the government. They want the people for spare parts.

The gods tell Yogi he needs to intercept an assassin. Yogi tells Liberty who's skeptical but agrees. The Baroness will send an assassin, Nikita. Liberty asks Tessa for a screen cap of the woman with the Baroness on the ship.

Yogi goes and finds Rose to warn her at a party. He lets her know about the potential plot. We learn that she's holding info on the Ghoul infiltration in the hopes of removing the compromised politicians and bueraucrats through electoral 

campaigning. Yogi counters with Soul Cycle philosophy and it doesn't end well.

Yogi asks Guttman to secure rose and G is hesitant. 

Countess' sister (Ali) makes a delicious breakfast for Savanna. The buzzer rings. S gets her pistol. She calls Liberty who heads over. The people ID themselves as part of the Collection company and they're looking for Ali. Savanna tries to blow them off but they are insistent. Liberty tells them to go and they do. Yogi gets the license plate on their ground car. 

Ali explains that she fled her sister and took an amulet from the Countess. It's ancient and linked to the Querom (the vault). LIberty suggests selling to Guttman, Ali borrows a compad to contact some of her father's associates and start a bidding war. Liberty attempts to alert the police. We learn the serial killer is now on Gateway.

LIberty sets up an ambush. Gang attacks and we fight them off. The decoy has her throat slashed but Liberyt saves her. We leak that she's hurt but at a private hospital. Rose' security holds them off as we catch Nikita by sheer luck and shoot her up. She does a Predator and we jump behind the bed. The threat is over. 

Afterwards, Ali gives Savanna a gift: Eel skin capacitor mesh. Ali sold the necklace to a female archeologist, Karen Dorset. Liberty informs Guttman. He's mad.

The. Dowager approaches Yogi in his hospital room. She's very upset at the loss of Nikita. 

Guttman asks us to negotiate with Dorset. We go to the university. She's having a bday party. We do there and find the Bonzi the Horchuk clown has stolen a bunch of artifacts. We track down his agent and get his address. He's dead. We check his. Compad and find he called his dealer.  We call Dorset and she confirms the guy looks like a Horchuk but has high voice for one.  She was contacted by Mrs. Raquel. We suspect she stole the amulet. 

Yogi talks to Guttman to suggest a truce. He demurs. Yogi talks to Raquel who reveals that she doesn't have the amulet. She says if we can see the amulet she'll consider joining forces. 

We investigate other buyers. We build a scanner but the other ones don't have it. Guttman needs us to return to Vargo to retrieve a audio recording from the holo-room in the ruins there. We go to Chifeng and pick up the ship. We hire some crew who mentions that a hairy woman with a veil tried hiring a bunch of people, going towards the same place we are. 

Travel to bird planet, are intercepted by ship, fight it off. Drill to system find battle going on. We sneak past battle line, other ship gives up chase. Near ruins we see three drop ships of Klingons fighting the bird men. Ship takes 13 points of damage.  

We blow up one of the ships and they do some damage to us. We try to get them to leave. They are called Kulons. We blow up the other two and sprint past the final hand to hand combatants.  

We find the holo-room. A Horchuk woman and Qulons appear and say that their leader Gullinbursti wants to speak with us, guarantees safe passage. we go with them. We transmit the info to our ship. We're take down to the battleship and led to a dining room. A big Horchuk wearing the amulet thanks the woman for bringing us to him. 

He says we're chasing something important to his people. we're only alive because we're working at cross purposes with other people hoping to get the same thing. He takes the cube, though he assumes we've copied the info. He offers us a meal. We chit chat and they release us. We see that the planet has been seized by Gengis Horchuk. 

We go back to Octlan and realize we'll be broke paying for crew before we get home. We look for a gig to pay our way. A ship captain says his ship was lost in a asteroid field that has a ton of treasure in Chifeng. His name is Mal Fisher. The ship is called the Lady of Esperado. It was carrying gems, weapons and other valuable items. 

The asteroid field is called the Great Barrier. It's great for mining but Chifeng isn't up to exploitation. Our sensors trip and we see an antique cruise ship. It IDs as the Mara Iyam. We see an airlock. We. Connect with the ship. We're on the navigation deck. No power no grav, no light. We try to reestablish power. The ship is largely undamaged and we find a map from the Esperanza. We look and our ship is gone. We start trying to get this ship moving to intercept. 

The computer comes online and we pull water from the Lido deck to fuel the ship. But the computer comes under attack from a hack. It tells us that the hack is coming from medical bay. We find a woman strapped to a med bed. There's a chair near the bed. We chased the other person to the shuttle bay. Our ship is there. We see that the liner is loaded with mines and the life pods have been disabled. 

We find the. Captain on our ship. He claims that the ship is alive and needs to be fed people. The woman is his wife. He claims that he's from the time of the Scream. He fed it passengers until space travel became more common. Then he began luring people to it, like us. 

He reveals that the thing ate the two crewman. About this time, a piece of gold appears at the end of the open runway of the ship. It's clear the creature (who we may be hearing as a heartbeat in our heads) is trying to lure us. We discuss some plans but ultimately agree to grab the captain's wife before we commit to anything else. 

We head towards what we think is the medical bay but it's clear that the creature is playing with our mind. We resolve to just get out and blow the ship and head back to the Shuttle Bay. But we end up at the heart of the creature, surrounded by stasis boxes of people. in a short but brutal fight, we kill the creature. The captain ages into dust before our eyes. 

Our plan is to load up the ship to the gills with Pretech and then call the Chifeng authorities to pick up the ship. 


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