Stars Without Number

Session 12 Log

Murder (and Love) on the Gateway Express

The session opens with the discovery of a body whose heart was removed by a ritual knife. It is the person that Liberty slugged during the dinner in the previous session. Video reveals that a woman escorted him to his room and then disappeared. However, the woman accused had an iron-clad alibi on video. The murderer left the knife and no forensic evidence. 

A dinner is held to honor Savanna Cruz for her brave rescue of the shuttle on Vyborg. Yogi talks to a Dowager who is worried about Rose. Yogi subtly suggests "taking care of her." 

We then drill from Vyborg to Hutton, a sort of haven for mad scientist.. We take a tour of the advanced hydroponics in the spaceliner. Liberty contacts Octlan (where the victim was from) and learns that he's a local merchant with no criminal record. He dealt in Astrogation Parts. He also learns through pillow talk that the Countess' mother was killed in a ship crash during a Flower Union raid. 

Yogi starts seeing a blue man with a bow who no one else can see. The man, who claims to be Maya, the Hindu god of love, is shocked that Yogi can see him. He predicts there will be orgies but doesn't get specific.

Maxwell and Savanna set up a pressure plate security system on the Countess' room. We learn that the Countess is heavier than expected and they readjust the settings. On the Hutton leg of the trip, the Holodecks are open to all. Liberty follows the Countess (who said she was going to stay in her room during this part of the trip) and she goes up to the ship deck where smaller craft can land and take off. However, it's restricted. He sees the Majordomo bribe a deck hand and he and the Countess take off on a small launch bound for the planet. The other handmaiden says she's "gone to medical."

Savanna spend her time checking out the ship specs for further study for her home fleet. Yogi begins to detect increased psychic vibrations. Maxwell takes advantage of the Holosuites and creates an 80s Prom party. 

Felipe, of the Eagle Warrior Society, is hanging out on the lower levels with a group of rough guys, who appear to also be part of that military group. Liberty and the Countess begin having 'relations.'

As we prepare to exit the system, there's another murder. It's another Octlan citizen but the woman who lures him is Savanna! While we're able to prove that Savanna couldn't have done it, we also track the killer to a bathroom but she never comes out (or comes out in disguise). We check to see if the other person used the same bathroom but she didn't. 

We arrive at Gansu; very little happens. We continue to investigate to no avail. There is limited touring of the planet (which resembles North Korea) and we prepare to leave the system.

Suddenly we are attacked by six pirate ships. They are engaged by the escort ships that regularly accompany the liner. Felipe and his crew attack the engine room – with Svanna in it –  and knock out the gravity. Liberty stays with  the Countess while Maxwell and Yogi head towards fight. Yogi runs into an agent and gets knifed (but is mostly OK). Someone takes control of the ship (away from the bridge) and turns it towards the sun. It's clear that this is an assassination attempt against the Countess to kill her in the same manner of her mother.  Addtionally, someone disengages the lifeboats. We start taking out Felipe's team. 

Where Savanna is, the consoles start blowing up.We find a basic plan on the arm of one of the bad guys and follow it. We chase them to the Countess' room where she's been snatched. We intercept them in the Ship Bay and defeat the bad guys. On the way we find a guy rummaging staterooms and we take a picture to turn him in. 

Things return to normal as we prepare to jump to Gateway and get the Countess to Guttman. And then there is another murder. With no new clues, we're stumped and leave it to the ship's security. 

We arrive on Gateway where Guttman's car is waiting with his Assistant, Tesha; she explains that he's had an accident (though apparently Michael saved him) and will meet us at his office tomorrow. Tesha takes us to a hotel/safe house. We agree to meet there tomorrow at noon. Being paranoid we show up at ten only to find a thief in a rocket pack trying to steal the info the Countess was bringing to Guttman. She gets away but it's revealed that the Countess had hidden and switched the info. The Countess hands over the info and inquires with Liberty where their relationship is going. He says that he can't settle down till he clears his name on Octlan. She indicates the he is her first, for although she was married, it was one of convenience that would have led to her sacrifice back home. 

Guttman gives us 1000cr each for our trouble. 


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