Stars Without Number

Session 10 Log

The team departs Electric Blue with the wail of Security alert in the background. Maria ( The one-armed cyborg girl) comments, “is that because of you guys?” The party ignores the comment as they fly off in Dark Nova, Maria's ship. There is no pursue from the station and party begins their journey to Sirocco

Maria ask Marcus to accompany her to her cabinet, where she jumps his bones. Marcus is a little reluctant, and ask why. Maria answers, “To reveal any sexual tension between us.” Jacob ( the guy with the knitted Kola hat) ask if any of the ladies were interested to talk in his compartment. No takers.

After a day of travel to the drill point, the ship sensors pick up a large ship. The ship is on a heading toward Gateway, closer observation the ship is Azimuth-class Research Ship (5,000 tons, Azimuth class vessels are mobile research platforms dedicated to breakthrough scientific study during the era of the Mandate. The vessel is drifting and appears to be intact, but doesn't respond to communication hails. The PCs’ sensors give anomalous readings: the ship is there, yet not there.

There is a brief discussion on whether to board the craft or not, with Marcus and Maria being against, while Jacob and the rest of the party is for boarding the craft. As they are in the midst of the discussions, they are hailed by another craft, the Rabanza, a medium freighter, captained by the famous salvager, Captain Ram, experienced salvage claimer. He is wealthy and, within the salvage community, at least in his corner of the galaxy, he is famous. When local journalists need a quote about a salvage operation, they go to Ram.

Ram hails the party acknowledging their claim to the derelict, but offering his and his crew assistant in exploring the vessel. His crew consist of Gripper a security AI, Science officer Cherry ,Janan their linguist and Mortengal , a climber and cave diver. The Rabanza and Dark Nova perform a Lamprey Lock to match phases with the derelict.

They board the ship with the crew of the Rabanza, they find a tomb ship filled with skeletal remains. Exploring the craft they find plant-like aliens that have taken over the ship, Cherry uses some found incendiary grenades to fry the creator. They eventual find the captain quarter and discover his log and discover that the craft had a collision with another ship in deep drill, the collision cause a leak in the protective bubble that shield a ship from Metadimensional energy of deep drill. The leak caused the crew of the ship to go slowly insane.

The party finds the ship library and pull up the schematic in order to find how to shut the drill drive in order to return the ship into normal space. Making a beeline to the relay panel they encounter a creature that entraps the team, with only Marcus and Savannah avoiding being trapped. The creature manages to kill most of Rabanza's crew with exception of Mortengal, who was wearing a Titan Power armor that was found aboard the ship and Crystal revives them. Marcus and Mortengal continue on to the panel where they run into a humanoid creature with an octopus like head. After a fire fight that down Mortengal, Marcus, Savanna and Crystal kills the creature. Making their way back to the air lock they run into marines from Navy of Gateway that board when the ship return to normal space. They allow the team to keep all they manage to salvage but are taking the ship custody of Government of Gateway.

The Team continues to Sirroco with no issues. Once in orbit Jacob tell the team that he worked for the corporation that owns the down spaceship, and knows that he can locate it by pinging the probes that it carried. A starship arrives and challenge them saying that the downed ship belongs to them, Savanna loses them and lands on the surface 40 yards from the down research craft.

The Research craft was broken in half during the crash and they explore the front half of the ship that they landed near. They enter the ship and search for the data drives. After searching several cabinets and the bridge they locate the operation room where the data drives are stored. They are force to research the rooms to locate the drive removal tool. Marcus is slightly wounded when a vacuum closet explodes but they manage to remove the drive and leave the ship.

Upon existing the ship they run into a Knight of Black Satin and his mercs. He demands the drive and a fight ensues. Marcus is almost killed when struck with a beam from the Knight weapon, but uses his ability to escape harm from the attack. The team manages to down the knight which causes the mercs to flee. The party returns to the Dark Nova with the drive and Knight body.


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