Stars Without Number

session 4 Log

Rebellion at the Concert Hall

Drilling into the Svala System the team contact the station at Elysium, they are directed to land at the space port, where they are greeted by the Maestro and his retinue. The ancient piano is examined by Maestro Piano tuner who is pleased at the condition the ancient Piano is in. The Maestro is so over joyed that he ask the players to stay a few night on his dime and attend the concert he is to performed.

The Team are handed Card Key and are put up at the Luxury Hotel while their ship is being repaired.  They get to meet visitor from all around the sector, including aliens. The Girl take in a Spa and the men drink and enjoy the sites of beautiful women by the crystal pools. They are served by Crystal being , the native inhabitant of the moon that now work as servants for the Resort.  

Crystal buys a language Torc that allow us to speak and understand the Crystals aliens musical language, and the whole team purchase new cloths to attend the concert. Holo-costume are the latest in fashion and the team outfit themselves.

The Day of the concert, the party enter the Concert hall to discover that Crystal aliens are in the state of revolt. Attempting to rescue the Maestro that was taken hostage they discovered that the Crystal aliens have been driven into a frenzy by an ultrasonic sound that mimic the distress call of their young.

They discover that the sound was being produce by a ultrasonic generator being used by a team of thieve to cover their theft of the Piano. The Team get into a fire fight , where Liberty put a round into the piano by accident. They overcome the Thief and shut down the generator.

The Damage to the piano is slight and will not effect it sound. The Maestro give the team a private concert, where Liberty is so overcome by the music that he begins to weep… 


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